In Chechnya called the price of Aurus too big

The frame of a TV broadcast of «Russia 1».

The Minister for natspolitike Chechnya Dzhambulat Umarov commented on the telegram-«the Rise of the» opening of the showroom of the brand Aurus in Moscow, where it became known that the price of a sedan from a tuple Putin is 18 million rubles.

«It is a nightmare money, on wages will be difficult to buy a car» — said Umarov.

He also noted that as soon as some official who is going to buy such a car, immediately the questions start:» how did he get his money.» As for if the government will buy such cars for officials, according to Umarov, the country is now not in that condition.

As for the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadaria, that Umarov named him patriot of the domestic automobile industry. According to him, is that Kadyrov given cars, so if someone got Interested, it is likely that Kadyrov change on him.


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