Buzova was struck by user «chest to belly»

photo: Social networks

Renowned singer and former star of the show «Dom-2» Olga Buzova has posted in his Instagram photo, which was immediately criticized by hundreds of users, considering it one of the most unsuccessful in the career of the artist.

Photo Buzova posing in a swimsuit on the beach, while it is strongly curved. In the signature she calls herself «a proud but gentle, strong but weak, funny, but serious.» She also asked subscribers what it sees other citizens.

In the comments almost from the very first posts users began to post the singer. She called her «illiterate» and «incompetent». Many drew attention to the fact that it specifically attracts the attention of stupid records. Also discussed figure Buzova on the provided photo.


«Breasts on your stomach?» — surprised many subscribers. «What’s with the Boobs? One on stomach, the other does not, it is not clear», «Olya, do not play with photoshop more so» — began to pronounce the artist many fans. However, this is a great question whether there has been, in this case photoshop, or the photo of the «true» Buzova.

However, some user asked a reasonable question – whether she read His comments under his post. After all, if she does not read, then hopes that she will change and stop being such a narcissist, almost there.


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