Ulyanovsk is an administrative center of the homonymous Ulyanovsk region, which is located in the southeastern region of the European part of Russia. It lies on both banks of the great Volga river, spread across the wide Volga upland, near Kuibyshev reservoir. Through the city flows a river called Sviyaga, approaching the bed of the Volga. This city became the center of the municipality. From capital of Russia — 890 km and its area is km2 622,5. By population the city occupies 22 place in the rating of Russian cities and the number of inhabitants of Ulyanovsk is 626 540 people by 2018.

The Imperial bridge

Previously Ulyanovsk wore a completely different name — Simbirsk (earlier version — Sinbirsk). The town was founded in the 17th century, becoming a strengthening of the Russian borders the banks of the Volga. The city’s history has many glorious moments and important events. It is from here originally, such figures of culture and politics, as Lenin, Kerensky or potters. Modern Ulyanovsk is a harmonious combination of historical sites, ancient architecture and beautiful nature, typical for the Volga region. There are also modern monuments, and monuments such as funny and unusual monument to the letter E or a sculpture in the form of Oblomov sofa.

Its present name the city was named after the legendary leader of the proletariat V. I. Lenin (his real name Ulyanov). A city called Simbirsk appeared on maps of the country in 1648, when the Emperor Alexei Mikhailovich signed a decree on the construction of the fortress on the Volga river. The Fort had to defend the country against Tatar raids, and to lead it was given the boyar and Voevoda named Bogdan Khitrovo. He is considered the founder of Simbirsk.

A monument to Oblomov’s sofa

Literally 20 years after the construction of the fortress was an attempt to capture Stepan Razin with his fellow rebels, but the troops of the fortress defended her, for which the city was awarded a coat of arms. A century Simbirsk tried to take Emelyan Pugachev, equally well-known figure, but was captured, interrogated thoroughly in the fortress, and then sent to Moscow. The main period of development of the city came at the end of the 18th century, especially today attracts tourists historical Central part, called the Crown. There are majestic churches, old mansions, the ones that survived the most terrible in the history of the city fire in 1864.

The city of Simbirsk was transformed from a fortress into a real cultural center in the region. Earned one of the first theatres, where he played the serfs, and here already in the 18th century opened two libraries.

Founded: 1648
Size: 622,5 km2
Population: 626 540 (2018)
Currency: Russian ruble
Language: Russian
Of.website: http://www.ulmeria.ru/
Flight time:
from Moscow — 1 hour 35 min.
from St. Petersburg — 2 hours 10 min.
from Kazan — 4 hours 45 min. (1-4 transplant)
from Ekaterinburg — 5 hours 25 min. (1-3 transplant)
from Novosibirsk — from 7 hours and 35 minutes (1-2 change)
Current time in Ulyanovsk:


(UTC +3)

The revolution of 1917 brought changes across the country, and Simbirsk. In 1924 it was renamed Ulyanovsk in honor of revolutionary V. I. Lenin, his real name was Ulyanov. The rich history and cultural heritage of Ulyanovsk attract tourists from all over the country. Guests of the city are interested in as monuments and buildings, and the unique nature of these places.


How to get

The fastest way to get to Ulyanovsk today is the airfare. Aircraft make several flights a day from Moscow Domodedovo to local airports and the flight time is 1.5 hours. The average ticket price varies from 5 000 to 6 000 one-way. Ulyanovsk is unique because it is the only city in the world with a population less than 1 million, which has two airports for international flights. Central airport code is ULV, East airport — ULY.

Drive to Ulyanovsk by train, sat on him at the Kazan station of Moscow. The train goes directly and the journey time is just over 14 hours. The fare will be from 3 000 rubles. Being one of the major hubs of the region, the Ulyanovsk consists of a main station is Central, as well as three additional.

The owners of private cars can drive to Ulyanovsk by yourself for literally 11 hours. The length of the path along the road is about 900 km, and the road passes through such cities as Saransk, Cheboksary and Nizhny Novgorod.


Climate and weather in Ulyanovsk

Boulevard New Crown

Moderate continental climate of Ulyanovsk is characterized by cold winters and warm summers, sometimes hot. The spring season is short. The average temperature per year is around 5°C, and the precipitation rate is 470 mm per year, the snow level may reach 41 cm, the most snow falls in February. Most of the strong wind in Ulyanovsk observed in the beginning of the year — in January and February. Weather depends on the movement of cyclones from the Atlantic, and the anticyclones coming from Asia.

With an average air warming of about 5°C during the year, the warmest period in Ulyanovsk is July — to 20.2°C on average. February is the coldest month and the temperature is equal to the average -10,4°C. For the entire period of meteorological research of the highest temperature point is reached on the territory of Ulyanovsk — +39,3°C, which was in August 2010, and the lowest -40,0°C seen in February 1967. By the end of March in the city installs a stable, summer weather, winter set in early November.

The average rainfall per year can reach 470 mm, and the atmospheric humidity is up to 74% on average for the year, in winter higher than in summer, namely, 80-85% vs. 60-70%, respectively. The greatest amount of precipitation occurs in June, and the minimum — in February. Annually about 200 days in Ulyanovsk rainfall.

The wind in Ulyanovsk has a rather great force and blows often enough, as the city lies on the hills, where regular changes of atmospheric pressure. Most often the wind blows from the West, and average wind speed per year — about 3.9 m/s.

Monument to the letter E

Winter in Ulyanovsk usually quite cool and cloudy, there is increased humidity. The beginning of winter is at the beginning of November, and snow is from November to early April. In the middle of winter can be a pretty significant temperature drops down to 20-25°C. In February the weather is frosty, and the sky mostly clear, temperature in this month is the lowest, is able to be lowered to -25°C. the Drifts can get up to 40-41 inches tall.

Ulyanovsk spring is short and very rapid, only lasts two months and ends in late may, when established warm weather. Spring a sense of frequent and sudden temperature drops can be snow in early April, when there was up to 20 cm of snow, but then the weather again becomes warm. Spring here is cool, the air fresh and dry, often cold winds blow. Thus in may sometimes there comes a sharp cold starts, or frequent lightning.

In the summer, which here lasts 3-4 months, the temperature is gradually increased until the middle of July can reach 35°C. the Possible heavy rains, however, July remains the most warm months of the year, when the average temperature is 25°C. Such volatile and often hot weather can adversely affect the health and well-being of people. After a hot and dry July comes the most comfortable month is August, which is characterized by warm weather, but more frequent rainfall. Rains and storms freshen the air and make the weather more acceptable.

Autumn in Ulyanovsk is the beginning of September to end of October. Start frequent rains, the temperature decreases, and the daylight is getting much shorter. In the mornings the temperature can drop below 0°C but rises to a comfortable performance. First snow falling by early November, usually melts quickly. November in Ulyanovsk is very windy, the sky is heavy grey clouds, there is a real winter freeze. After the onset of winter in November, the snow cover is completely.

Weather forecast

+15 … +21°C


s, 5 m/s

+15 … +21°C


s, 2 m/s

+12 … +21°C


Sz 7 m/s

+11 … +17°C


s, 5 m/s

+12 … +19°C


s, 7 m/s

+7 … +8°C


Sz 10 m/s

Weather in Ulyanovsk for 10 and 14 days on the «Weather.Turister.Ru»

Weather in Ulyanovsk by months

day, °C
by night, °C
The number
precipitation, mm
January -11 -12 31.1
February -7 -9 22.4
March 32.9
April 54.9
May 53
June 78.6
July 98.2
August 24 17 65.4
September 18 13 51.8
October 9 6 46
November -2 -4 38
December -8 -9 42.2


Reviews by months















Public transport in Ulyanovsk is quite varied: it’s 13 bus routes, 14 tram and trolleybus 10. In addition, the city runs a taxi — more than 60 routes. However, some areas of public urban transport go infrequently and may not work at the weekend. The tram tracks are only on one side of Ulyanovsk — the trams are only on the right part and passing through the Railway, Leninsky and Zasviyazhskiy areas.

Read more about getting around the city, read the article «Transport of Ulyanovsk«.

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What to see in Ulyanovsk


The city of Simbirsk from its inception was a major trading hub, so understandable that a large number of monuments of history associated with the names of merchants. One of the most famous traders of Ulyanovsk were Bakounin Sergei, a mansion which today has become an architectural landmark of the city. The house was founded in 1916 and is decorated in the style of Russian folk tales, for which he received his name «Teremok». Architect house Bakounine was Fedor Livchak.

Near the mansion is a Museumlocated in the house that also has historical and architectural value for the city. The Museum stands right in the centre of Ulyanovsk and has an exceptionally elegant appearance — white-red facade, designed by a famous architect by the name of the Shoda in 1916. Once inside the house, you can see an extensive collection of exhibits. For many decades there are a few exhibits, including weapons, numismatic, photographic, documentary, and the exhibition of everyday objects of past centuries, costumes and other things. Here the exposition on the theme of natural zones of the Volga region.

The addresses for the historical monuments, worth visiting is the architectural complex called «Zasechnaya cherta«. The name means a complex of defensive fortifications that have protected the inhabitants from the attacks of the enemy troops of the Tatars. Zasechnaya cherta Simbirsk was established in the mid-17th century, but until the late 20th century were not found for historians. The researchers found the remains of the moat and fastening shafts in the yard of one of houses of Ulyanovsk. Now, the Defense line is a tower made according to the canons of the time, and authentic stockade. Here visitors can see a historic exhibition of old Russian city, to touch the past, to see how the citizens lived in ancient times.

Ulyanovsk is on the mighty Volga river, so the bridge over it is a kind of attraction. Due to the enormous size of the river the bridge across the Volga is the truth of gigantic proportions. For their size and grandeur of the bridge called «Imperial«, and in the first decades of its existence has been designed for the movement of trains. The Imperial construction of the bridge started in 1914 and lasted 2 years, after which the building became the longest bridge in Europe. In 1983 there was a tragic collision with the bridge of one of the ships EN route on the Volga river, after which the building was reconstructed, making it more safe, but preserving a dignified appearance.

The house-Museum Goncharova

For lovers of active relaxation or recreation in Ulyanovsk also provides entertainment options. Karamzinskiy Park, located in the heart of the city, is a favorite place of citizens and guests of the city for recreation and walks in the fresh air among trees and other natural beauties. In the Alexander Park you can enjoy outdoor activities — Cycling, roller, skate on Wollman rink in winter or dip in the pool in the summer, and after lunch in a cafe or restaurant within the beautiful landscape. For a summer vacation Volzhskiy equipped beach, covered with clean soft sand and equipped with every comfort.


Where to go in Ulyanovsk

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