The capital of Bashkortostan, the city became a millionaire. Its population in 2018 amounted to 1 120 547 people. A greater percentage of the population are Bashkirs, Russians and Tatars. Live here and other nationalities. The city is situated on the banks of the Belaya river, where it empties Dema and Ufa. A hundred kilometers from Ufa are the Ural mountains. The capital covers an area of 707,93 sq km and its length from South is almost 53,5 km and from the West with 29.8 km.

Ufa today is one of the biggest cities of Russia, where the most advanced in the country oil refinery. The city has almost two hundred industrial enterprises in the wood processing, food, construction, pharmaceutical and other industries. In Ufa intersect significant transport arteries of the country: air, rail, road, river line, which connects the center of Russia with its Eastern regions.

There is no single point of view about the name of the city. Many historians believe that the basis was the name flowing near the river ufimka. Scientist-Turkologist from the capital of Bashkortostan Nikolay Dmitriev suggested that the name of the capital of Bashkortostan lies in the ancient word «UBA» mountain, mound, hill. Some saw a connection with the ancient Turkic «ufak», which means small, little. And Finno-Ugric version claims that «Ufa» means water and bear’s paw.

Established: 1574 year
Size: 707,93 km2
Population: 1 120 547 people (2018)
Currency: Russian ruble
Language: Bashkir
Of.website: http://уфа.рф
Flight time:
from Moscow — 2 hours
from St. Petersburg — 2 hours 40 min.
from Kazan — 1 hour 20 min.
from Ekaterinburg — 1 hour 25 min.
from Novosibirsk — from 2 hours and 45 min.
Current time in Ufa:


(UTC +5)

The date of establishment is considered to be Ufa in 1574 year, but people lived in this area long before the construction of the fortress. Information about the first settlements of ancient people belong to the Mesolithic. To have survived the testimonies of those times — simple tools, shards of clay, weapons.


How to get

If you decided to go to Ufa, then it can be reached by several modes of transport from any part of Russia. Flight from Moscow is 2 hours, from Saint-Petersburg is 3 hours.

20 km from the city is the international airport of the capital of Bashkortostan. From town there are several buses and taxis. To get night to Ufa on regular city taxi.

Ufa has rail links with different cities of Russia and abroad. To get there from Moscow you can two branded formulations: «Southern Urals» to Chelyabinsk, and «Bashkortostan» — a direct train to Ufa. Through Ufa should be lots of passing trains. For example, there are trains from Siberia and the Urals, the end points of which are South of the resort. Is a train station almost in the center of the city. Next to him are public transport stops. So to get from here to the destination will be a snap.

Works in Ufa two bus stations. To date, there are 300 to 500 long-distance and suburban routes. South bus station takes public transport with the Eastern and southern directions. North opened later complete reconstruction took place in 1992.

If you prefer all modes of transport private car, then get to the capital of Bashkortostan you can choose between two Federal roads. This highway M5 «Ural» and M7 «Volga». According to drivers, the first is considered higher quality and has a good roadbed. But not much difference in both courses there. The time will have to spend on the way from Central Russia to Ufa, 20-25 hours. A good road connects the city of Orenburg, Samara, Kazan and other cities of Russia.

Flows through the town and next to the White river. Here developed and shipping, but mostly cargo. Designed for tourists river tours, which will show the surrounding area and attractions of Ufa. Go here and several cruise ships where you can get to Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Astrakhan, and Moscow. A small river station is located on the waterfront, bearing the name of Friendship of peoples.



The first mention of an ancient settlement, located on the White river, are in the Catalan Atlas of the fourteenth century, which is now kept in the National library of France. Marked this place was like the city Paskert. Flemish cartographer Gerardus Mercator, who lived in the XVI century, also noted this city. Mentioned Bashir (Bashkort) in the number of large settlements of the Golden Horde, the Arab historian Ibn Khaldun.

After the collapse of the Golden Horde, there are three separate States that were punished Bashkirs who lived in these areas. When Tsar Ivan the terrible sent out my letters, take peoples patronage and protection, the representatives of some Bashkir tribes «bowed my head, the white king». Over the next two years all Bashkir tribes voluntarily joined Russia, and 1557, the process of unification of the two peoples.

To reinforce their possessions in the East, Ivan the terrible needed an Outpost, a convenient strategic base in the outskirts of the Urals. Local tribes asked the king about the construction on these land fortress. Soon here came the archers from Moscow. Directed by Michael Naked, a Moscow boyar. And now, on the shore stands the Church, which gave the name of Trinity. The neighborhood began to build the first storeroom and home. The site chosen for the city was very well located: on the one hand it defended the river, the Hustle, on the other — was a steep mountain, third river White became insurmountable for the steppe tribes.

The rapidly growing population. For the first time Ufa was mentioned as a settlement in the late sixteenth century, and then it took its place among the 200 cities of Russia. The city became one of the main fortresses of Russia, pillar of Royal power in this region, located on the border of two worlds. The first Governor of the city was appointed Michael Naked, he commanded the garrison army of archers. In the middle of XVII century the city was made their official sign and seal.

For almost two centuries the city was a support and an Outpost of Royal power in the East. But gradually Russia’s borders are pushed further East, and Ufa is no longer a defensive fortress. Now she is slowly beginning to turn into a regular city with artisan, the peasant way of life.

By the mid-nineteenth century, the town was already operating several plants. Worked here and artisans. The development of the economy was helped by the opening of river navigation and the start of the railway. Now we drove to the center of Russia of various goods: wheat, salt, leather products. In the mid-nineteenth century and the city became a major educational center of the region. Here, there are several educational institutions, including the provincial school for the children of the upper class. In 1860 appeared the Mariinsky gymnasium, the first school, which had girls from noble families. In 1872, the opening and international institutions.

Revolution Ufa met, being the financial and industrial center of the province. The city’s population was more than 105 thousand people. It was difficult years for the country, in the Republic of flashed mass strikes and sabotage, and the power went from red to white and Vice versa.

After the revolution began an active process of reconstruction of industry and agriculture. In the early twenties of the Ufa governorate was abolished, and the Ufa declared the capital of the Autonomous Republic.

For these years has been the construction of many large factories of the Republic. By 1928 the industry of Ufa has not only reached but also exceeded the production level that existed before the war. Were constructed engine plant, which began to produce the first engines for harvesters. Started the first phase of the plant of oil refining that became the largest industrial enterprise in the country. Before the war in the capital of Bashkortostan worked more than seven decades of industrial enterprises.


Climate and weather in Ufa

Ufa is located in the North forest-steppe zone of the temperate belt. The climate here is continental, and quite humid. Winter lasts from mid-November to mid-April and is often marked by frosts and cold weather. The average temperature is 12.4 °C, but frosts in these parts is not so rare. In January 1979, was an absolute minimum for the city: -48,5 °C. the Summer starts from the second half of may and lasts almost till September. The heat are not uncommon, and often rains. Average summer temperature is 19.7 °C. the High was set in July of 1952, the heat then made up to 38.6 °C. the Peak rainy season occurs in July, when there was a maximum monthly moisture, the minimum is in March. Snow cover lasts from November for 5 months.

Weather forecast

+13 … +24°C


s, 5 m/s

+13 … +21°C


Sz 2 m/s

+11 … +21°C


s, 5 m/s

+7 … +15°C


Sz 7 m/s

+13 … +16°C


SW, 4 m/s

+11 … +13°C


s, 7 m/s

Weather in Ufa for 10 and 14 days on the «Weather.Turister.Ru»

Weather in Ufa by months

day, °C
by night, °C
The number
precipitation, mm
January -11 -13 32.9
February -9 -11 25.4
March 36.3
April 44.9
May 57.4
June 83.4
July 65.9
August 21 15 50.4
September 16 10 56.7
October 7 5 74.3
November -4 -6 48.4
December -10 -11 41.2


Reviews by months















As in most major cities in the Ufa public transport includes buses, trolleybuses, tram, minibus taxi. Recently launched and the urban commuter, yet with a single route. Provided and construction of the metro. And in 1996 the first Russian President Boris Yeltsin laid the Foundation stone of the metro. But complete the work so turn around and don’t have time. Instead, metro provides for the establishment of light rail.

Read more about the movement in the capital of Bashkortostan you can read in our article «Transport of Ufa«.

Tips on transport


Photos Of Ufa

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What to see in Ufa

The Monument To Salavat Yulaev

Today it is hard to imagine that 200 years ago, Ufa was a small village. Later the city became the center of the province, and in this connection it was decided to put its redevelopment. Then was drafted the first plan of reorganization of the city, but because of the grandeur and scale it was never carried out. Following the architectural plan of Ufa were more acceptable.

It was the brainchild of Scotsman William Hastie, brilliantly implemented in the vastness of Russia. To the capital of Bashkortostan, the architect has already participated in construction of the Central cities of Russia, his name entered the history of both capitals. Non-standard approach to the architecture of the city allowed the guest to plan the restructuring of Ufa until the following century.

At that time, the project was quite bold and unusual. According to him, the streets converged to the Smolensk Cathedral in the form of a fan, was straightened and laid parallel. Other streets took place across. The plan brings together all parts of the city. Accidentally helped the implementation of the plan and the fire of 1821, which destroyed almost all wooden buildings in Ufa.

The Central streets were planned Lazaretny, which now bears the name of the leader of the proletariat, and a Large Kazan, today the street of the October revolution. They are the Central thoroughfares of the city.

Ufa has much to surprise its guests. The list of attractions has a lot of positions. The highest is the structure of the office of the Bank «Bank URALSIB» — 100,5 m. Almost to the beginning of this century it has been in all of Russia East of Moscow. Close to it you can see the nine-floor house, which was the first high building in the city in 1962. The oldest stone building is located on the street October revolution. It was built two hundred and fifty years ago and earlier belonged to the merchant Yevdokim Demidov. According to history, in 1774, it’s been Alexander V. Suvorov by the decree of the Empress sent to suppress the rebellion of Pugachev.

Traditionally, the season of fountains opens in Ufa on 1 may. On this day in the city hosts festivals and celebrations. The city has two dozen fountains, including new water feature, «Seven girls» opened in 2015. The composition of this singing fountain, devoted to the Bashkir culture, is seven female dancing figures. Are popular among the citizens and the fountain at the Congress hall, the Palace of culture named after S. Ordzhonikidze, in the Park Matrosov, «the Boy with kurai» at the cinema spark.

Ufa is home to several theatres, of which six public and two private. The theatrical history of the city begins in the eighteenth century with the first performances organized by exiles from Poland. Over the years of its existence, the city has developed a unique drama school, combining traditions of diverse cultures. In Ufa you can see a variety of performances, from traditional classic to modern, emotional and energetic.


Where to go in Ufa

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The building of the mosque-madrasa «Lyalya-Tulip» is located in the Northern part of Ufa near the White river,…

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A symbol of Ufa, which is known in many cities, was the monument to the national hero, participant of national…

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The monument «friendship Monument» was erected in honor of the 400th anniversary of the accession of the Republic of Bashkortostan…

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The history of this place dates back several centuries. Once there were shelves, were conducted provincial…

The first Cathedral mosque (also known as «the Mosque at tukaeva») is one…

Ufa planetarium is the only planetarium in Bashkortostan. He started work July 22, 1964…

All the sights of Ufa

Interesting places in Ufa

Museums and galleries

Where to eat and drink

Parks and recreation

Active rest


Shops and markets


Private guides in Ufa

More details in Ufa will help you to see Russian private guides.
The project Experts.Turister.Ru was registered 2 Russian tour guide and company in Ufa.


Where to stay in Ufa

Hostel Africa

To date, Ufa has to offer its guests many hotels of different price policies ranging from five star service to modest hostels. If you’re live in downtown, you can save money on travel, because many attractions are located nearby. Suburban hotels are located in ecologically clean areas. To get to the right places will help public transport, taxi or rented car. Especially as most of the hotels have their own Parking lots or are located near the city Parking lots.

Five stars hotels of Ufa was built by 2015, when there were international events: meeting of BRICS and the SCO. Hotels have several bars and restaurants, gyms, spas, stylish and cozy rooms, beauty salons. On the territory of hotels are located and meeting rooms.

Hotels lower level also have everything you need for a comfortable stay. They have rooms that can accommodate one, two, three or more people. There are apartments for families too. Some hotels offer while living a delicious Breakfast buffet. With a limited budget can stay in hostels or apart-hotels, private apartments with all amenities. It offers clean and cozy rooms with private baths, furniture, cable TV. Some have free Wi-Fi.

Company Booking.com offers for booking more than 460 hotels in Ufa.
You can choose a hotel using a variety of filters: the star hotel, type of hotel (hotel, apartment, Villa, hostel, etc.), cost, location, scores of people visited the hotel, the presence of Wi-Fi and more. Go to service selection and booking accommodation in Ufa.

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