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The administrative center of Tyumen region, city of Tyumen, in addition, is also a major industrial and cultural center of the country. It is located on the river called the Tour. It should also be noted that the city was the first of all that ever was founded by Russian in all Siberia. The grounds that it refers to the end of the 16th century. Previously, this territory was occupied by G. Ching-Tur, the capital existing in the times of the Siberian khanate. Also, until 1944 the Tyumen officially was part of the Omsk region.

The origin of the name of the city is unknown to this day. Or rather, there is no official version of his appearance. Although there are various conjectures on this subject exist. According to one theory, it originates from the Tatar expression decimal army — Tumen. Friend — from the Turkic bye mane — my property. Used today the Tatar dialect, the city’s name literally translates to «lowland». Which one to choose, everyone decides for himself. But in this city, by far, is something to see.

According to the researchers, the earliest traces of human presence in this territory was discovered on the shores of lake Andreevskoe. They belong to the Neolithic period, koshkinskiy and Kozlowski cultures. Also, similar findings were recorded on the river Tour, which was already mentioned above. Recent discoveries of historians refer to sargatskaya culture of the early iron age.

The first mention of the city of Tyumen found in Arhangelsk the chronicler. The city was founded on the caravan road through the territory of Central Asia and the Volga region. I must say that mastered thus the area was a constant bone of contention for the numerous nomadic tribes living in southern Siberia. Strife in this area was motivated by its advantageous geographical position.

The first settlers of the new town came from Permand other cities and regions. In addition, due to its border location, the bulk of immigrants were military men: archers, representatives of the boyar class, the Cossacks, and the like people. Also interesting is the fact that it was here in the beginning of the 17th century was founded the first in Siberia to Yamskaya Sloboda. In the second decade of the same century monk Nifont founded the Trinity monastery.

Of course, even the Foundation of the city was not able to cool the ardor laid claim to this land of nomads. Also, the city was subjected to systematic attacks by the Kalmyks and Tatars. In the forties of the seventeenth century the new town has been somewhat modified with a view to its strengthening. Somewhat educated by the time the settlement was surrounded by stone walls. Over time the raids became more and more rare, gradually, the threat of attack was minimal. This, in turn, led to the development of the Handicrafts industry and minor military Affairs. In this period the city came the real blossoming of the art of blacksmithing, soap making and leather case, as well as several other crafts.

The end of the 17th century was marked by a major fire. The disaster destroyed almost all the buildings of the city, as they were built mostly of wood. To prevent the repeated destruction of the city by fire, new buildings in it were built from stone.

The bridge of lovers

The XIX century was the period of most intense flowering of the city. Partly it was due to the fact that in Tyumen held the TRANS-Siberian railway. Also actively developed in the period above mentioned leather craft. In that period in the city was open for over 7 dozens of specialized factories producing various leather products. Previously, there was also the development of the art of making carpets.

The beginning of the 20th century noticeable the fact that in this period of Tyumen began to pretend to do important from an administrative point of view tasks. At that time it was moved to the provincial center. Previously it was located in the city of Tobolsk.

The civil war was a period in which the city is alternately passed from hand to hand — from red to white and back. Until 1922 Tyumen was official title of the center of the Tyumen province, then County. Summer 1944 was a period of education of the Tyumen region. Tyumen became its center. During world war II, attracting many people and businesses from the occupied cities. Due to this influx of people and industries, and greatly increased the potential of Tyumen from the point of view of industry. By the way, here in that period it was transported and the body of Lenin. The temporary mausoleum was hastily organized at the local Academy of agriculture.

60-ies of the last century were a period of discovery of large oil and gas fields in the region and in the neighborhood. It should be noted that this event caused a fundamental change in the way of life of the city and its inhabitants.

Current time in Tyumen:


(UTC +5)


How to get

Those who are just planning to visit Tyumen, it is recommended to use the plane. He arrives at the international airport «Roshino«which is located 13 km from the city, use the form below to buy tickets. Also you can get here by train, below the schedule, trains arrive at Tyumen station. If you have a private car, you can drive to Tyumen on road tracks.

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Climate and weather in Tjumen

The climate of Tyumen can be characterized as sharply continental. The summer is hot and rainy, but very short. But the winter is cold and long (up to 130 days inclusive). Rain and snow here often. The average annual rainfall of approximately 480 mm of precipitation. The weather changes very rapidly, both in the offseason and during the day regardless of the time of year.

In January air temperature is about -15 degrees, but can reach the level of -50. This temperature indicator was recorded in February 1951 in the Summer the air warms up to 18-37,5 degrees.

Weather forecast

+14 … +22°C


s, 2 m/s

+15 … +21°C


SW, 4 m/s

+12 … +17°C


s, 7 m/s

+12 … +18°C


SW, 3 m/s

+9 … +14°C


s, 3 m/s

+4 … +6°C


Sz 6 m/s

Weather in Tjumen for 10 and 14 days on the «Weather.Turister.Ru»

Weather in Tyumen by months

day, °C
by night, °C
The number
precipitation, mm
January -13 -14 15
February -13 -16 14.7
March 35.5
April 39.1
May 53.3
June 52.6
July 65.3
August 18 14 50.8
September 15 9 40.5
October 6 3 42.2
November -6 -7 30.5
December -13 -14 19.6


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Until 2009 are opened in the city trolleybus. Today Tyumen is the largest city of Russiain which electric vehicle are not available, to the specified torque, this title belonged to the city of Arkhangelsk. It is noteworthy that earlier Tyumen honored trolley was considered the most ambitious of all closed systems of a country, if we talk about systems of this type in General.

According to information obtained from unofficial sources, in the closure of the trolleybus were interested owners of private transport companies wishing to minimize the level of competition. Also, the closure of the depot were interested and companies who wish to occupy their land for the realization of another construction project.

Today the city has about 134 bus routes. Their total length is more than 2130 km, one of them regularly work and 47 commuter route.

Also in Tjumen you can rent a car. The rent will be between 900 p. per day and above. In this amount, in most cases, included insurance premiums and taxes. Fuel costs the tenant will have to pay for themselves. For rent, you’ll need a credit card, passport and of course the law. If your driving experience is less than 12 months, thinking about renting a have to give up, as in the case if you have not reached the age of majority.

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What to see in Tyumen

Only in Tyumen there are 17 objects related to objects of cultural heritage, and the components of his story. And it is only those that do not are part of various complexes. If you walk past the Annunciation Cathedral, climb on lovers ‘ Bridge nearby. The view from here is incredible.

The Central streets of the city are Lenina and the Republic. At last, tourists can see many buildings built in the nineteenth century. Among the most important of them can be identified, for example, a house averkieva, which is easily recognizable by the quite extraordinary balconies, as well as trading house Kolokolnikov, Academy of agriculture (the same one where evacuation was kept Lenin’s body) and the former building of the City Duma. Today it is possible to see the exposition of the local Museum of history. They start near the area called «Historic». There is a monument erected in honour of Yermak trip. On Lenin street, you can see the house-Museum of masharova. By the way, recently the building was renovated.

Sights Of Tyumen:

Fans of the cult-religious buildings are recommended to visit Holy Trinity monastery. It is located on the banks of the river Tura. By the way, he is considered one of the oldest on the territory of Siberia: the existing on site construction: stone date to the 18th century, and the monastery — the beginning of the 17th century. Also worth a visit the Spasskaya and Nikolskaya Church, which today houses a religious Seminary. A number of religious objects were destroyed in the Soviet period.

Mosques and temples of Tyumen:


Where to go in Tjumen

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Tyumen water Park «Letoleto» originally wanted to call «aquamarine». He …

Cathedral is one of the most ancient Orthodox temples located in Tyumen….

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At first glance it may seem that Children’s railroad, located at 25 kilometers from Tyumen,…

Almost in the center of Tyumen on the picturesque Bank of the Tura river, is one of the oldest monasteries…

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River Tours — scenic walking route in Tyumen. The first is equipped…

The temple in honor of St. Michael the Archangel appeared in the XVII century, mention of its existence…

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What to do

Shore Tours there is a sports center called «Voroninsky slides». Tourists can go here to rent skis, skates, snowboard or other sports equipment.

Lovers of a relaxed Wellness holidays at the resort can be poisoned in Small Taraskul, located 20 km from the city. In this village there is a sanatorium with the same name. There are many such establishments in the city. They are famous for their therapeutic mud baths and hot springs.

In my free time you can take a breathtaking paragliding or hot air balloon. Available in Tyumen and an amusement Park which will be interesting not only for children but also for adults.

Recreational facilities of Tyumen:


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