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Targu-Mures is a small city in the historical region of Romania, center of the County of Mures. The city is located on the territory of 50 square kilometers. Its population in 2007 was equal to 128 thousand people, and the ethnic composition of living here equally, Hungarians and Romanians.

Earlier this place was a Scythian settlement. But the first mention of Targu Mures in the documents refers to 1332, when it was officially included in the list of cities. For several centuries the settlement remained protective abroad of the Hungarian Principality. From these times remains of the old fortress.

Like many towns of Transylvania, târgu-mureş during the long history was not one name. He was known as Marosvasarhely, and as Neumarkt am Mieresch. All three names were translated from various languages as «market place on the Mures river». In the early fifteenth century by one of the Hungarian kings was given to the city the right to hold fairs. And at the end of the century another monarch Matthias Corvinus declared this place the official seat of the Royal family. At the end of the XV century here came the Franciscan monastery and the fortress, destroyed during the invasion of Mongol troops. In these places, not just passed the Transylvanian diet, which accepted an important government decisions. In the early seventeenth century, târgu-mureş almost all destroyed by Austrian soldiers. But later it was rebuilt and became a free city.

Today the town is centred political and cultural life of the Hungarian ethnic minority. In the twentieth century, târgu-mureş several years been considered the capital of the Mures-Hungarian Autonomous region. After the fall of the Communist dictatorship, there were many conflicts on a national basis. Today, the city Hungarians and Romanians almost equally. Such ethnic composition brings a unique flavor to the local life. A large part of Hungarians consider themselves székely and configured to create in Targu Mures szecklers County.

In Targu-Mures is a large medical center dedicated to treatment of urological diseases and cardiovascular diseases. The city has several museums, theaters, libraries and other cultural institutions. The educational system here was created in the Middle ages. There are many entertaining centres, attractions and places.

Current time in Targu Mures:


(UTC +2)

Currency Romanian LEU
Course: RON = 15.42RUB


How to get

13 kilometers from the city is the airport «Transylvania»of international importance. It was built in 1936, and a complete modernization took place in the late 60-ies. To date, air gate Targu Mures accept and passenger and cargo aircraft. The airport connects the city with different parts of Romania and major cities in Europe: Paris, London, Budapest and others.

From railway station «târgu-mureş» leaves many trains in different directions. Drive to Romania’s capital on passing trains. The journey time is 8-9 hours. The train station is almost in the center of the city, and you can reach it on foot, as he târgu-mureş is small.

The bus station connects this part of Romania with a number of cities both within the country and abroad. For example, a trip by bus to Bucharest can take 7 hours and 15 minutes. If traveling by car, the journey time may be five and a half hours.


Climate and weather in târgu-mureş

Theatre square

Climate Targu Mures belongs to a moderately cold continental type. The coldest month is January when the average temperature is -1 °C. Snow is rare and melts quickly. But the weather in winter is not very comfortable, there are windy days. In these colder months in the city few tourists, but the stream increases during the Christmas holidays, when there are fairs, festivals, concerts.

Even in March it can be cold, but April is set warm weather. The thermometer these days show from 8 to 15 °C. May in Targu-Mures comes with flowering gardens and 20 °C at the end of the month. At the same time held the festival «Targumures days.» Summer in these areas warm without sweltering heat. The hottest days are in July when the temperature can rise to 27 °C.

Autumn in târgu-mureş is dry, rain is not enough. The average air temperature by month are distributed this way: in September it is equal to 15.2 °C in October to 9.8 °C in November is 4.2 °C. the Least rainfall of 27 mm falls in February, June is the rainiest month, on average, there is 89 mm.



Targu-Mures is a small city, where many Hiking routes for tourists. But a public transport is represented by buses. The town offers approximately 30 courses, covering all areas. Tourists travelling independently, you can learn the schedule of city bus on the website of motor transport Targu Mures. For example, route # 3 starts at the railway station and ends in the city centre. One bus ride costs 2 lei for a day pass will cost 4 lei. Tickets are sold at kiosks located on city streets.

To get to the right places will help a city taxi. Fares are cheap, the price per kilometer in different companies ranges from 1,8–2,8 lei. Usually this information is indicated on the doors of cars. But the driver can be updated and the full cost of the trip.

The city operates several companies that provide cars for rent. Affordable prices and convenient location of offices are Avis and Sixt. But parks cars in small companies, so you should think about booking cars in advance. To rent a bike worth a look in the Outdoor Experience.


Photos Of Targu Mures

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What to see in târgu-mureş

The Cathedral, târgu-mureş

Târgu-mureş combines the culture of two Nations: Hungarian and Romanian. The interconnection and mixing the history of two large ethnic groups for centuries living side by side, can be seen in the architecture of the city many different sights. As in the XVII century the city was almost completely destroyed, the monuments of previous years in Targu-Mures is low. But there are many buildings built in art Nouveau style, is relevant to the late XIX-early XX centuries.

The medieval fortress, partly preserved from the XV century, was rebuilt in the XVII century. On the walls of the fortress rise the seven towers are named after the profession of the guilds of artisans, which was responsible for its content. Here are the tower of the furriers, shoemakers, tailors, Coopers, and others. Today the castle is home to many interesting city events.

Among the city’s attractions are highlighted in the churches of different denominations: Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran and others. The castle Reformed Church was built in the Middle ages. First it was owned by the Franciscan monastery, and in connection with the change of facilities here has been modified and the exterior. Church of St. John the Baptist was built in the Baroque style in the XVIII century. And was originally intended for the Jesuits. The city also has a synagogue, the architect of which was Jakob Gertner from Austria. The most grandiose temple of Targu Mures is considered ascension Orthodox Cathedral, built in the XX century. Its walls are decorated with numerous mosaics and frescoes.

Proud of târgu-mureş and its historic public library. It bears the name of the Chancellor of Transylvania, count Samuel Teleki, who was known as a collector and a great bibliophile. To his collection became available to the General public in the early nineteenth century a special building was constructed. Later during the reign of Ceausescu, this collection combined with the library, Janusz Bolyai. Today in the city library is home to 200 thousand books.

Palace of culture

The city is an old school, founded in 1557. It was opened by teachers and students from Alba Iulia. Since 1718, the school has the status of a College. Here, in addition to philosophy and theology, he taught Philology and natural science. The main school building was built at the end of the last century. In the early XX century it was already a religious school, and during the Second world war in its walls was used as a hospital. Many teachers then went to the front. Again the school was opened in 1944, and in 1957 she received the name of Farkas Bolyai, Hungarian mathematician and poet.

In Targu Mures there are several museums. Worth a visit Museum of the city, which consists of several sections located in different buildings. The Museum complex includes an archaeological-historical Museum depicting the history of the city since ancient times. Museum of natural Sciences is the collection of flora and fauna, minerals of Transylvania. The Museum of Ethnography and folk art talks about the folk crafts of this region. At the Museum of art houses a collection of paintings and sculptural works of Romanian masters.


Where to go in Targu Mures

Worth a visit Museum of the city, which consists of several sections located in different buildings.

In the public library in târgu-mureş is one of the richest collections of cultural artefacts of Transylvania….

All the attractions of Targu Mures

Interesting places in târgu-mureş


Museums and galleries




To buy Souvenirs and gifts in memory in Targu Mures can be as large supermarkets and small shops. Diverta Mureș Mall is a small store where you can purchase books, toys, Souvenirs production in Romania. In the city centre is a large shopping center Promenada Mall is open daily a variety of retail outlets, cinemas, restaurants and cafes.

In the centre of Targu Mures, there is a small shop with Souvenirs and products of craftsmen. For example, Flor de May you can buy cute things and flowers. The prevailing theme of gift — it is kinds of local attractions and Vlad Tepes, better known as count Dracula.


Food and drinks

Arriving in Targu Mures, it is necessary to try so-called sakassou the kitchen. Székely is a sub-ethnic group of Hungarians living in Romania. Among Hungarian national dishes stands out sekelsky goulash, which was popular in the XIX–XX centuries. About it it is told in the book of Jaroslav Hasek’s «good soldier Svejk». Goulash made of pork and sauerkraut with hot spices.

It is the presence of large amounts of cabbage, mushrooms and different sekacka kitchen from traditional Hungarian. Vegetables and mushrooms are added to many dishes. There are plenty of soups which are based savory broth. For example, «Halali» is made from fish with red paprika and hot pepper. Locals love traditional sausages «MiCHi», which is prepared from various meat, and then fried on the coals. You can taste them on the street, they are sold with bread and mustard, like American hot dogs.

Famous for its Hungarian dishes such institutions as the Laci csarda, where on Fridays live music shows and incendiary national dances. Good service and delicious dishes of different restaurant Casa Berii Ursus. In târgu mureş there are many establishments serving other cuisines. Manadas Steak House is proud to be Argentinian menu. Delicious pizza and pasta served at La Teo Restaurant. And for lovers of Asian cuisine restaurant WokBox.


Link to Targu Mures

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Where to stay in Targu Mures

In Targu Mures for visitors are available hotels of different categories, apartments, motels, guest houses, rooms in hostels. The city has one five-star hotel. Plaza V is located in the centre of Targu Mures. For guests there is available modern rooms with a Minibar, a TV, air conditioning, coffee machine. Fitness and Spa centers free of charge. The hotel has a restaurant with international cuisine.

Nearly forty of the city hotels have a category three or four stars. They also provide their guests with cozy rooms and many additional services. For example, business hotel Conference Center & Spa owns a Spa and an indoor pool. The hotel Grand provides modern conference hall and a hall for meetings.

Guests can stay in the guest houses. Villa Helvetia is located near the old castle. The rooms are equipped with free Internet and a TV with cable channels. There is also a shared kitchen with modern appliances for cooking. Guest house La Cupola is allocated its own restaurant and a large garden.

Company Booking.com offers for booking over 100 hotels in târgu-mureş.
You can choose a hotel using a variety of filters: the star hotel, type of hotel (hotel, apartment, Villa, hostel, etc.), cost, location, scores of people visited the hotel, the presence of Wi-Fi and more. Go to service selection and booking accommodation in târgu-mureş.

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