Navka replied to the rumors about the cancellation Chernyshev tour due to car crash

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

Tatiana Navka commented on the information according to which Peter Chernyshev allegedly ceased to attend her show due to a serious illness the wife of the skater Anastasia Zavorotnyuk.

According to her, he’s all right. He will take part in the show, which takes place in Turkey. Where her team plays all summer and until the end of September. Upcoming performance Chernysheva and skill sets planned for the evening of 23 August, the website KP.RU.

That the condition of the actress might not be so bad as about how to write media said, and her colleague Irina Sotikova. However, she stressed that health Anastasia she’s just not known.

Informed friends Zavorotnyuk told that her husband is allegedly already a month does not go on tour. All because of the harsh diagnosis of his wife. Now Chernyshev supposedly does, sitting with his wife.

Before the media reported that 48-year-old actress doctors found brain cancer. Because of him she allegedly canceled the performances in the theater and was stopped at the light.

However, the concert Director Anastasia Stas of Christ has denied rumours that the cancer actress. According to him, the star of the series «My fair nanny» everything is fine.


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