McGregor pleaded guilty to assault on elderly man in the pub

McGregor pleaded guilty to assault on elderly man in the pub

The conflict between the former champion of UFC in lightweight and Featherweight champion Conor McGregor and visitor to the pub in Dublin happened due to the fact that the latter refused to drink whiskey, as proposed by athlete

Photo: Global Press

Conor McGregor said the publication ESPN that didn’t have to attack on an elderly visitor to the pub in Dublin, who refused to drink whiskey with him.

The incident happened in April, but it became known about it in August. McGregor put on the bar highball glasses, offering all visitors to drink his own brand. One of the guests — an elderly man — drinking declined. Then the soldier hit him in the head with his left hand. Other visitors grabbed MacGregor and took him out of the bar.

«I was wrong. This man just wanted to have a good time in the pub. <…> I made a mistake and should have had to take responsibility. I also appeal to those people who support me. I see the incident in person, admit a mistake and move on,» said McGregor.

The Irishman is not the first time becomes a party to the conflict. For six months before losing the fight with Habib Nurmagomedov McGregor was arrested by the NYPD. The reason for the arrest was the attack of the Irish on a bus carrying other fighters, including Nurmagomedov. In the end, the Irishman was released on bail of $50 thousand, were punished with public works and sent to the courses of self-control.

In March, McGregor was detained by police in Miami beach on charges of robbery and crime against property. The police reported that the soldier came out of the night club, after which he was approached by a fan asking to be photographed. The Irishman snatched the phone from the hands of the fan and broke it and left, taking the gadget with you.

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