Fergana — one of the most beautiful cities of Uzbekistan, and the largest in the valley with the same name. It is located in the South-East, about 420 km from the capital city of Tashkent in the East and 70 km from the city of Andizhan in South-West. The population is about 350,000 people. The area of Fergana is 95,6 km2. The city rises above sea level to approximately 600 meters.

Clear layout and marked the centre of the building is reminiscent of the colonial nature of the construction even in the times of the Russian Empire. In contrast to Kokand, in Fergana yet no buildings of the middle ages, because the city is still relatively young. But to explore the valley it is proposed to start with this beautiful and fertile city.

When Fergana was Royal rule, it erected a large number of official institutions. Their construction is dated to the late 19th century. All the architectural beauty of the city are concentrated in its official part.

The city was founded in 1876 and is considered relatively young. 1924 becomes the date of the assignment to the New Margelan and Skobelev (former name, in honor of its planner and the author of the idea of General Mikhail Skobelev, and other Uzbek cities) of the existing name.

The history of the city is traditionally divided into three major stages: the reign of the king, the days of Soviet rule, and the period after the end of Soviet power. All these stages are reflected in the appearance of the city’s architecture. Fergana was quite far from the railway junction, so its development is somewhat impeded and slowed down. When did the Great Patriotic war, the city experienced industrial leap and built some plants.

Although the city existed for more than forty years, but it did not have sewer and water until the beginning of the revolution. 1909 was the year of tiling the streets and bazaars of Fergana, prior to this period it was not thirdpartytech roads.

The main development of the city began after the great Patriotic war. The government took over the education of the population, and was built in the Fergana pedagogical Institute on may 1, 1930. Then built factories and enterprises.

1989 was a time of social crisis. The Uzbek and Kyrgyz population sparked a major conflict with the subsequent loss of life. The decline industry has been associated with the outflow of Russian-speaking population from the city. Up to the present time in Fergana is not in the best position. However, the government is already developing a project to improve the economy and the General state of the city.

Current time in Fergana:


(UTC +5)

The currency Uzbek soum
Exchange rate: UZS = 0.01RUB


How to get

In Fergana there is a convenient airport. It receives flights from cities such as Tashkent, Samara, Volgograd, Moscow and St. Petersburg. Also no more than 5 hours drive from Tashkent by car. The time will depend on the traffic situation on the pass. You can negotiate with the driver at the station — some of them are transporting groups of people from one city to the next.

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Climate and weather in Fergana

The climate in Fergana continental. Mild winter temperature is around 0°, the record was frost in -25,8°. The snow lies for a short time. Sometimes in the winter there are warm days. Summers are very hot. In July temperature is around +27°, a record +42°. A feature of the weather is wind garmsil — dry and hot. Precipitation is unusual.


What to see in Fergana

Fergana is interesting for its layout. The city is made like a wheel in which the axis stands the fortress, and the streets are spokes extending from the center. When was the reign of the king, built here many official institutions: the Governor’s residence, military headquarters, city Treasury and post office, officers ‘ meeting, several colleges and high schools. Behind these buildings there is St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, municipal theatre and garden. As the architectural heritage of the city they were built in the late 19th century. Turkestan of that time consisted mainly of two-storey buildings that have been preserved in the style of these buildings.

The building of the military Assembly

In 1879, Sinclair organized the project that built the building of the military meeting. It is the oldest in the city. Later on it was added a few extensions. They slightly broke the original architectural concept and symmetry. Behind the rotunda in the shape of a semicircle is an urban Park.

The building of the military Governor

The next attraction is the building of the military Governor. Now it houses the municipal theatre. The start of construction was in 1879, but finished it only in 1899. The building has two floors and two main entrances. The external decoration of the buildings remained the same as at the end of construction. Located on the exterior eclectic elements and white arched arcade. Windows it harmony color.

The building of the gymnasium

If you go West from the square with the Church, you can see the building of the gymnasium. It is well preserved. Inside the courtyard there is a metal grille, which exists in its original form. This is one of the main impressive architectural monuments of Fergana. Also in town there is a cinema. He remained the same as it was during its construction. First, it was located between Governor street and attracted the attention of their turrets with pointed ends and interesting finish doorways.

Fergana Museum

The famous Museum of local lore of Ferghana is one of the oldest attractions of the city. The project was created in 1894. Just hosted an exhibition of achievements of agriculture and industry. For visitors it opened five years later. The Museum was then more than 2000 exhibits. To complete your collection helped archaeological and geographic society and other organizations. Now the Museum displays about 80,000 exhibits. Among them, decorative objects, jewelry, archaeology, ceramics and folk costumes. In the Ferghana valley was discovered about 10 000 exhibits, which also enriched the collection of the Museum. In addition, it contains a voluminous archive of documents, household items and weapons.

The Surroundings Of The Fergana

The entrance to the mosque Jami

Locals love the Ferghana valley. The pearl and the garden — such epithets applied to her. Most of it is on the territory of Uzbekistan. It is located on the East and runs between the mountains of the Tian-Shan and connecting the Pamir and Alay mountains. It is home to most of the population. When the traveler rides through the valley, we pass many villages, settlements, towns and gardens. The most famous cities are Kokand, Margilan, Andijan.

West of the city, approximately 50 km Is Rishtan. Here developed the production of ceramic Souvenirs. Local pottery sells cheap enough, and the range is quite large.

It is also known reservoir Kirkidon. It is located 30 km from Rishton. Water is collected from mountain rivers. It is very cold and the season for swimming only opens in July. In addition to the beautiful forest, here you can find rare birds — turtle dove, white stork and Afghan Starling.


Where to go in Fergana

The famous Museum of local lore of Ferghana is one of the oldest attractions of the city. The project was created…

In terms of layout, the Fergana owes much to the military engineer Sinclair, he organized a project in which…

If you go West from the town square with the Church, you can see the building of the gymnasium, which…

In an era when Fergana was named the New Margilan, in the list of the most notable buildings was the building…

All the sights of Fergana

Interesting places in Fergana


Museums and galleries



Food and drinks

In Fergana, as in all of Uzbekistan is very common the love of meat and meat dishes. Pies in the stores and on the market mostly with meat. Among the most popular famous dishes are: samosas, rice, pasties, dumplings, Basma. Of course, in such a Sunny city with a hot climate almost all year round collect a rich harvest of fruit, of which there are a great many. Dairy products, almost in short supply, but you can suggest cool — salty balls of cheese and cottage cheese. On the market meat can be stored without refrigerating. Therefore, in order to buy a quality product should come shopping in the morning, before the daytime heat.

As Eastern markets, bazaars of Fergana explorers should visit to see national products. People there are not very many, and the sellers keep clean. The visitor should treat themselves to cakes, dried fruit, nuts and sweets. A large assortment of fish, lamb and utensils for cooking.

The majority of the population practice Islam, so the mode of the day in Fergana measured in accordance with the prayer. The rise of the General population occurs at 5 am. But after nightfall, the streets are deserted here — largely due to poor street lighting.


Communication in Fergana

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Unfortunately, the city is not fully safe. In Ferghana very strict laws, and prisons «famous» for its bleakness and harshness. But despite this the crime rate is only increasing. Among the most common crimes — theft and acts of religious extremism.


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