Backstrom, Zaripov, Zinoviev. One of the players caught on doping

Backstrom, Zaripov, Zinoviev. One of the players caught on doping

On Friday forward of Russian national team and NHL club «Washington» Evgeny Kuznetsov was suspended for four years for violating anti-doping rules. Other cases of punishment of players for using banned substances at RBC

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In doping sample Kuznetsova was discovered cocaine. 27-year-old hockey player was taken during the world Cup 2019 in Bratislava. The international ice hockey Federation (IIHF) suspended him for four years. The striker will not be able to play at the Olympic games, world Championships and other tournaments held by the IIHF and national federations. At the same time, Kuznetsov will continue his career in the NHL.

Sergey Zinoviev, 2004

In the blood of the attacker during the preparation of the Russian team for the 2004 world Cup had traces of marijuana. At the tournament he did not play, and the IIHF does not apply sanctions. Federation of hockey of Russia Zinoviev was disqualified for three months, which occurred in the late spring and summer. Thus, the player missed only preseason matches.

Jose Theodore, 2005

Well-known canadian goalkeeper has passed the doping test at the end of 2005, together with other candidates for a trip to the Olympics in Turin. His body was discovered finasteride — for many years Theodore used the drug for baldness. Part of the drug and was finasteride, which can be used to mask doping.

IIHF disqualified Theodore for two years. NHL goalkeeper is not punished. In 2008, finasteride was removed from the list of prohibited drugs.

Maxim Mamin 2008

The striker passed a positive doping test after the quarterfinal match of the world youth championship in the Czech Republic, where the Russian team with the score 4:1 beat the hosts of the tournament — his body found norandrosterone. Mom was disqualified by the IIHF for two years, but filed an appeal and her sentence reduced to one year.

Anton Belov, 2012

The defender Omsk «Avant-guard» has failed a doping test during the final series of Gagarin Cup with Dynamo Moscow, which the Moscow club won with the score 4:3. His body is found the stimulant methylhexaneamine. Russian anti-doping Agency disqualified Belov for three months, who, like Zinoviev, were for the offseason.

Nicklas Backstrom, 2014

Another striker Washington missed the final of the Sochi Olympics, in which Sweden lost to team Canada 0:3.

Shortly before the decisive game, it became known that the doping test was found in blood pseudoephedrine Backstrom, who was in the body, along with Allergy medicine. His hockey player took the advice of the team doctor. Backstrom was acquitted and received a silver medal in the Olympics.

Danis Zaripov, 2017

Zaripova doping have found in one of the tests, commissioned during the KHL championship. 25 Jul IIHF Zaripova disqualified for two years, and signed shortly before a two-year contract with «AK Bars» was terminated.

The striker appealed to the court of arbitration for Sport, which found that pseudoephedrine and gidrokhlorisiazit got into the body of an athlete because he took drugs where banned substances were recorded at the production stage. IIHF reduced the suspension to six months, and in late November Zaripov is back in «AK bars».

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