Anastasia Zavorotnyuk suspected brain cancer due to IVF

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

Actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, abolished the part in the play and indeed for a long time almost do not appear in public, makes fans nervous all the more. Representatives of the actress claim that she’s all right, but media rumors about the poor health of the actress. In particular, a version of the presence of her cancer.

According to the site KP.RU on rare recent secular photos of young moms last year 47-year-old car crash gave birth to a long awaited daughter, her husband Peter Chernyshev — noticeable scar on his neck. So long as it is make to take a biopsy of the retrosternal lymph nodes for the diagnosis of blood cancer.

Thus, citing unnamed sources, the publication reports that the car crash that disease — glioblastoma, brain cancer, at the time, killed the singer Zhanna Friske. A scary thought suggests another, and the similarity of the situations: Jeanne fell ill immediately after birth resulting from IVF. This procedure has been used Zavorotnyuk, who dreamed of in whatever began to give birth to the beloved wife of the heir.

As told «KP», the former chief oncologist of the country Mikhail Davydov, IVF is considered a simple procedure, but requires a strong hormonal support after the embryo implantation in the mother’s body. The doctor notes that it may not cause cancer but can aggravate the situation, if by that time the cancer was already at an early stage.

Media have also noted that the diagnosis in the family Zavorotnyuk all is not well: died of cancer her father and brother.


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