Tobolsk city, Tyumen region and the administrative center of Tobolsky district, located in Russia , and standing at the mouth of the Irtysh and Tobol. It got its name from the river, near which is — Tobol.

Originally Tobolsk Siberian settlement, the first, who has the right to be called a city in 1587. In 1708 received the status of a center of the Siberian province, stretching at that time from the Ural mountains to the Pacific ocean. The 19th century was marked by the displacement of merchant ways, as well as the construction of the first railway. Tobolsk has lost influence because of the shift of trade routes away from the city. Today, Tobolsk is a major tourist center of this part of Russia and the industrial city of the Russian Federation.

The historical role of the city was predetermined location at the mouth of the Siberian rivers. In the 18th century, Tobolsk was the centre of influence in the Eastern region of the country, and has retained its status until the beginning of the next century. But the placement of the trade routes away from the city put an end to the influence of Tobolsk in the region. Today, Tobolsk is one of the most colorful tourist cities of Siberia.

A big role in attracting tourists plays historical heritage — monuments of architecture of 17-18 centuries. The city, once the capital of the Siberian land, carefully preserved the memory of the campaigns of the Cossacks, the battles with the indigenous population and famous of the exiled: from the bell of Uglich to Nicholas II, the last Imperial dynasty of the great Russian Empire.

The city has strengthened its position as the cultural center of the rest of Siberia. In 2016 in Tobolsk was visited by over 300 thousand people, among them almost fifteen thousand foreign citizens. Rapidly strengthening its position of «event tourism» (vacationers come to Barcelona for, as a rule, three-day event) and «business tourism». The Russian government annually allocates from the budget to Finance the strengthening of the tourism system in General and in particular for the reconstruction of historical monuments.

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How to get

The main way is through Roshchino international airport, Tyumen, which receives flights from Moscow. Mostly fly the aircraft of Russian airlines such as Aeroflot or UTair. The cost of flights from the capital to Tyumen can be found by using the form below, all the way takes 2.5 hours.

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Distance between Tobol’sk and Tyumen — 250 km ticket Price for the bus from 500 to 700 roubles depending on the point and time of departure. The journey takes about 4 hours, WI-FI (depending on carrier). Alternative methods of transportation: taxi and train. The timetable of trains daily, closed Mondays. The train leaves at 18:00 and come to Tobolsk to 22:00. Despite the inconvenient schedule, the train has an advantage — the cost of the trip just a little more than 300 rubles.

To reach Tobolsk possible trains on the following routes from Moscow to Nizhnevartovsk, New Urengoy. The path is almost two days, the ticket price varies from accommodation to the train — from 3,500 to 13,500 rubles.

Train station of Tobolsk is located outside the city, about 15 km away. Regular buses stop before midnight, so it is recommended when planning to consider the schedule of trains and buses in the city. A taxi from the station to the centre is 300 rubles. However, when ordering from Tobolsk, the fare will be lower.


Climate and weather in Tobolsk

Weather forecast

+15 … +23°C


s, 3 m/s

+18 … +21°C


SW, 4 m/s

+12 … +16°C


s, 6 m/s

+13 … +17°C


s, 3 m/s

+11 … +16°C


s, 3 m/s

+6 … +7°C


Sz 5 m/s

Weather in Tobolsk for 10 and 14 days on the «Weather.Turister.Ru»

Weather in Tobol’sk months

day, °C
by night, °C
The number
precipitation, mm
January -14 -16 18.6
February -15 -18 19.2
March -4 -8 45.9
April 41.8
May 45.2
June 67.2
July 64.8
August 17 12 68.6
September 13 8 45.7
October 5 2 48
November -8 -8 39.2
December -15 -16 23.1


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Tourists who come to experience the atmosphere of the city certainly prefer Hiking. But the city streets are very long, sometimes it is better to use public transport. There is a little more than 20 trails open from 6 am to 10 PM. The ticket costs 19 rubles. There are also taxi service, the minimum bet per trip of 80 rubles to 4 km.

Independent retirement plan needs to be adjusted on the spot. Buses to the area of the Kremlin is often not necessary stop at the same stop. It is always advisable to ask the driver or conductor, designating the purpose of the trip, and the comfortable stop.

Tobolsk is deservedly considered the center of tourism in Siberia. Bicycles can be rented, rent is not more than 150 rubles for 1 hour. You can conclude a contract for renting a bike for the whole vacation, the cost of such services will range from 600 to 900 rubles for 1 day. The rental point is located near the monument to D. I. Mendeleev born Tobolsk.

Thanks to the convenient location of the city standing at the confluence of two rivers, there are walks on the water bus or small boats. The price is from 390 to 900 rubles, a lot depends on duration and route.


Pictures Of Tobolsk

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Tobolsk Kremlin

The city is divided into regional centers: the Upper city (Mountain), Podgora (lower district) and the New Tobolsk.

On the hill is a local Kremlin, in the Northern part of the sleeping quarters. Historical monuments is practically nonexistent, most of the area is built multi-storey houses. But their types are here: old churches made of stone, wooden and dilapidated houses built in the 18th century, the Logjam cemetery and bone-carving factory. Quite amazing to see the cemetery as part of the attractions. However, it is buried sent into exile, as well as relatives of celebrities born in Tobolsk. Interested can group the sculptor’s tale «the little humpbacked Horse». The choice was simple: Peter Ershov, the author, a native of Tobolsk.

Podgora is actually considered the lower district, in the past, the former center of the city. Intensive growth of industry, called the construction of residential areas, and Podgora became a slum. Here is preserved the main features of the architecture of the past centuries: churches of the 18th century (the Siberian Baroque style) and the Catholic Church of the Holy Trinity, built in the 20th century. In the past, their peaceful existence side by side it was impossible to imagine. Separate the Lower area reminiscent of an abandoned village, as it is dominated by the private sector. The atmosphere of the middle ages peacefully side by side with the industrial areas and abandoned private sectors, giving this part of the Tobolsk incredible charm.

New Tobolsk is located to the North from the Kremlin. The whole area is built up of prefabricated high-rise buildings of the 1970s At the time they were employees of a petrochemical plant. Many prefabricated houses were built on the vacant lot, so the monuments in this area is not.

Of particular interest may cause the boundary between the old and new parts of the city. This distinction serves as a good example for pre-revolutionary and Soviet lifestyles.


What to see in Tobolsk

Prison lock

In Tobolsk there are approximately 36 Federal cultural heritage objects (including those already lost), not taking into account architectural ensembles.

The main notability — stone Kremlin, a unique for the Siberian region, and nicknamed the pearl of Siberia. The Kremlin is in the heart of the Mountain. The entire complex of buildings has the status of cultural and historic buildings, particularly St. Sophia-assumption Cathedral , an ancient edifice of stone. It was built in the 15th century, the prototype was provided by the Church of the ascension in Moscow. The Cathedral is working at the present time, as a center for pilgrims making the journey to religious places.

Cultural value have and monastic complexes, the oldest of the sign and Ioanno-Vvedensky. In 1838 was built the Prison of the castle, which later became a prison for convicts and exiles. Within its walls he was serving his sentence such famous people like Dostoevsky, Solzhenitsyn, Korolenko, Chernyshevsky and many others.

Logjam cemetery is known for the fact that there are buried close to recognized people: Peter Yershov, Denis Davydov, Elizabeth romanowska, as well as the famous Decembrists and the family of the great scientist Mendeleev.

In Tobolsk carefully preserved buildings of historical importance, including periodic house and the mansion where last years was held by the Nicholas II, the last Tsar of the Russian Empire of the Romanov dynasty.


Where to go in Tobolsk

A few kilometers from the Siberian Tobolsk is a small village which, despite minimal…

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Siberian city of Tobolsk is famous for its Kremlin, built of stone. But this is not the only advantage…

This monastery is run by the Tobolsk and Tyumen diocese. Geographically, the building of the Orthodox monastery…

With the establishment of the monastery is connected wonderful story of healing. In 1638 the icon of the virgin carried from Abalak…

Museum the family of Emperor Nicholas II is a complex of Tobolsk Museum-reserve. It was opened recently,…

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Prison lock has another name — Tobolsk Central. Ironically, it is located close to…

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What to do

Tobolsk is no municipal sandy beach, but in Irtysh area there is private. The beach is free, so popular among the locals as a holiday destination. The inhabitants of Irtysh district scavenge on their own, but the coastal area is still clogged.

Net pay-the beach is near the village Durynina, 20 km from the city. Come to relax, you can rent chairs, gazebos, barbecues. The entrance cost is 100 rubles. Area a — neat boat ramp, a beach volleyball court, stables with horses, ponies and a local landmark — a camel, a cafe (serves primarily Uzbek cuisine).

Another place — a hot mineral spring in the village of Vinokurova, 15 km away, and Nearby there is a hostel and café, as well as three pools with different temperature of sodium chloride water. Tickets cost 70 rubles, the price of the hotel depends on the room and number of tourists.

The fans of winter sports come to Tobolsk for the conquest of one of the longest runs in the Siberian region. Ski resort «Alemasov» is located in the city.

The resort also runs throughout the holiday period, providing venues for laser tag and paintball, a rope track, the descent on the summer tubing. The cost for the entertainment is low: up to 400 rubles per person. Open-air cafe, available for rent the grill.


Where to stay in Tobolsk

Tobolsk — the capital of tourism in Siberia, there is at least 20 hotels. Tourists have plenty to choose from: accustomed to the great conditions suited a five-star hotel «Slavyanskaya» (price per night — 3.5 thousand rubles), as extraordinary lovers interested in hostel «the Prisoner».

The hostel is in a former prison on the territory of Tobolsk Kremlin. Life has the way in which convicts lived in the 19th century. Guests will feel the procedure of detention, as well as visit interesting tour. The real highlight of the holiday: the quest «Escape» which you can participate for an additional fee. The room rate is 600 rubles per night.

In Tobolsk there is a mini-hotel for the 2-4 thousand rubles, accommodation in 2-3 thousand rubles and hostels for 600 rubles a day. Room rates include Breakfast, WI-FI, cable TV. However, not all hotels have cashless payments, therefore it is recommended to stock up on cash.

Another option: rent an apartment in the city. The cost per day varies from 1.4 to 2.5 thousand rubles, and depends on the area, number of rooms and furnishing.

Company the reservation offers more than 40 hotels of Tobolsk.
You can choose a hotel using a variety of filters: the star hotel, type of hotel (hotel, apartment, Villa, hostel, etc.), cost, location, scores of people visited the hotel, the presence of Wi-Fi and more. Go to service selection and booking of accommodation in Tobolsk.

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