Tivat is the youngest town in the Boka region (Boka), it is located at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor on the Peninsula Vrmac, on the southern slope of the eponymous mountain range.

Probably, Tivat, was founded in the III century BC the Ancient name of the city — Theudo (Teude, Theode or Theudo) — associated with the name of the Illyrian Queen Teuta. In the middle ages the fertile lands in Tivat area belonged to the aristocrats from Kotor. In XIV–XV centuries Tivat becomes an important religious centre: the monastery of the Archangel Michael on the Island of Flowers is the residence of the Orthodox Metropolitan of Zeta.

The subsequent history of Tivat is a little different from the history of the entire region of Boca in 1420 — 1797 years the city belongs to the Venetian Republic, after which came a brief period of French rule, Then Austrian domination until 1918, with the subsequent joining of Yugoslavia before its collapse.

Founded: III century BC
Area: 46 km2
Population: 9467 people (2003)
Currency: Euro
Language: Montenegrin
Of.website: http://www.opstinativat.com
Flight time:
from Moscow — 2 hours 15 min.
from St. Petersburg — 3 hours 15 min.
from Kazan from 6 hours 50 minutes (1-2 change)
from Yekaterinburg, from 7 hours 20 min (1-2 change)
from Novosibirsk — 9 hours 20 min (1-2 change)
Current time in Tivat:


(UTC +1)

Currency Euro (€)
Exchange rate: EUR = 73.50RUB

Today Tivat is a young developing resort industry beach holiday, with opportunities for employment by active kinds of sports. This largely contributed to the opening of the international airport near the city in 1971.


How to get

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The most logical way to get into the city is to fly to Tivat international airport, located four kilometers from the city.

Tivat is connected with rest of Montenegro by two — lane highway through the so-called Adriatic (Jadranska magistrala).

As such, the bus station in town, however, at the bus stop, located on the Adriatic route, all buses stop moving along the coast. The schedule of movement of buses through Tivat can be seen on this website.

Taxi in Tivat can be ordered by phone or on the website:


Climate and weather in Tivat

Weather forecast

+26 … +29°C


SW, 2 m/s

+26 … +30°C


s, 1 m/s

+25 … +29°C


SW, 2 m/s

+23 … +26°C


SW, 1 m/s

+23 … +27°C


SW, 3 m/s

+23 … +27°C


SW, 2 m/s

Weather in Tivat for 10 and 14 days on the «Weather.Turister.Ru»

Weather in Tivat by months

day, °C
by night, °C
water, °C
The number
precipitation, mm
January 12 2 14 175
February 12 3 14 160
March 15 4 14 148
April 18 7 15 137
May 22 11 18 96
June 26 14 21 62
July 29 17 24 44
August 29 16 25 73
September 26 14 23 117
October 21 10 20 160
November 16 6 17 221
December 13 3 15 186


Reviews by months














What to see in Tivat

Among the main attractions of Tivat city Park, real Botanical garden, copies of which have been brought by local navigators from different parts of the world. Exceptional climatic conditions in the area were given the opportunity of growth in Tivat Park of a large number of species of exotic plants.

Another attraction is the island of Michalska Prevlaka, known as the Island of Colors, with about 300 m in length. Attractive island makes it the ruins of the monastery of St. Michael the Archangel where nowadays works are conducted on reconstruction.

Interesting for tourists may seem well as the medieval summer Palace Bucha, located in the center of the city. Built over 500 years ago, today the Palace is a restored historic landmark. The Palace houses the gallery of the city of Tivat, and the garden of the Palace, a small summer scene.

To have survived the remains of the temples of the Illyrian, Roman and Byzantine periods, churches of St. vid, St. Luke, St. Gabriel. If you want to plan your stay in advance, take a look at the section «pictures of interest of Montenegro«.


Where to go in Tivat

6 the tourists were here
Porto Montenegro Marina in Tivat, a picturesque luxury Marina in Boka Kotorska…

4 tourists were here
The wide, landscaped promenade in Tivat — one of the main attractions…

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Interesting for tourists may seem medieval summer Palace Bucha, located in the center…

Naval Museum in Tivat is located in the heart of Porto Montenegro 250 metres…

5 tourists were here
Among the main attractions of Tivat city Park, real Botanical garden,…

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Famous landmark Tivat — island of Michalska Prevlaka, also known as the Island of Flowers…

All the attractions of Tivat

Places of interest in Tivat

Museums and galleries


Parks and recreation



Private tour guides in Tivat

More details in Tivat will help you to see Russian private guides.
The project Experts.Turister.Ru was 1 Russian guide in Tivat.

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What to do

The Beaches Of Tivat

The coast around Tivat — 17 beaches with a total area of 31200 sq. m.


Diving in Tivat

Tivat has the opportunity to go diving. The resort has two main diving centre:


Communication in Tivat

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Where to stay in Tivat

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Last booked hotels in Tivat

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