The young capital of Albania is one of the tourist centers of the country. All major sights are conveniently located in the city centre. On the main square you will see in the stone the history and key symbols of Albania. Here is the jewel of the Ottoman era that gave rise to the city — mosque «of Ethem Beja», one of the most beautiful mosques of the country! Admire the stunning frescoes adorning the façades of the mosque. Next to it stands the 35-metre clock tower, one of the oldest city buildings, the city’s symbol.

In the centre, Skanderbeg square, on a stone pedestal, frozen in bronze a terrible rider — George Kastrioti (Skanderbeg), a national hero who fought for the independence of Albania. Get acquainted with a difficult fate of the country’s best Museum «National history», which presents the Albania from ancient times to the Communist period. If you want to learn more about the reign of the dictator Enver Hoxha, feel free to go in an underground government bunker, located on the outskirts of the city. This is not the only attraction associated with his name. No less ambitious is a giant pyramid — mausoleum, sullenly standing in the centre of the city. Now it hosts art exhibitions, and the intrepid Teens climb to its summit via a steep concrete slopes. To art lovers we recommend also to visit «the National gallery», in it the rich exposition of works of art Dating from the XIII century to our days.

Founded: 1614 year
Size: 41.8 km2
Population: 883 99 people (2018)
Currency: Albanian Lek
Language: Albanian
Of.website: http://www.tirana.gov.al/
Flight time:
from Moscow — from 5 hours 15 min. (1-4 transplant)
from Saint Petersburg — from 6 hours 10 min (1-3 stop)
from Kazan — 8 hours 30 min (2-4 transplant)
from Yekaterinburg — from 10 hours 20 min (2-4 transplant)
from Novosibirsk — 12 hours 15 min (2-4 transplant)
Current time in Tirana:


(UTC +1)

Currency Albanian Lek

Tirana is a city worthy of the attention of the curious traveller. In addition to man-made attractions, you can enjoy the natural beauty, take a leisurely stroll in the numerous parks, Botanical gardens or see the city from a height of 1612 meters. From the top of the mountains Let, located close to the city, stunning views of Tirana and the surrounding area. But if you continue to travel beyond the capital, you will find many interesting sites in its surroundings, for example, the ancient Castle of Petrel, built in the XIV century on the site of earlier structures of the V century BC, This castle is part of the defensive system of Skanderberg. With the help of fire, the soldiers conveyed to the fortress Crow warning of danger in the attack of the Turks and held off the enemy.


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