Nurmagomedov will earn for the fight with Pore more of the fight with McGregor

Nurmagomedov will earn for the fight with Pore more of the fight with McGregor

Manager Rizvan Magomedov represents the interests of the fighter of the mixed style of Habib Nurmagomedov, told RBC about the financial side of the upcoming match of the Russians with Dustin Pore

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How many will work Habib

Russian mixed martial arts fighter Habib Nurmagomedov will earn for the fight with Dustin Pore more than a fight against Conor McGregor, told RBC Manager of Dagestan Rizvan Magomedov. «Earnings will be much more,» — said Magomedov, without specifying a figure.

«The only thing I can say: the conditions of the upcoming battle some of the best in the history of MMA,» added the Manager Nurmagomedov.

The fight with McGregor was held in October 2018. An early victory was won by the Dagestan athlete. Then without regard to the sponsorship of broadcast rights and advertising revenues Nurmagomedov earned $2 million, reported media. According to data from Forbes, Nurmagomedov got to $3 each sold 2.4 million PPV fight with McGregor. The cost of screening in the U.S. ranged from $80 to $100 depending on quality.

«Given that the tournament is held in Abu Dhabi, the final fee may be more, because Habib is a single driver of the entire event. We are talking about millions of dollars. Don’t be Habib, the UFC will not soon conducted there would be a fight,» — said to RBC the President of the Global promotion of Fight Nights Kamil Gadzhiev.

The source of RBC familiar with the contracts of UFC fighters, said that the fee Habib for the fight could exceed $3 million.

Fight Nurmagomedov — Pore will be held on 7 September in Abu Dhabi on tournament of the ultimate fighting championship (UFC 242). The previous six fights, the Russian has spent in the United States — the home of the UFC.

Why Abu Dhabi

«Habib should be evaluated as star of world scale. In some regions of the world, particularly in the United Arab Emirates, he had a large fan base, this in his hand,» — said Magomedov, answering the question about the reason for the fight outside of the United States.

UFC broadcasts so-called numbered tournaments (that is the official competition under the guise of the UFC) system is a Pay-per-view (PPV) — pay per view regardless of where you are fighting. If the tournament number then you can watch it by buying the paid broadcast on the UFC website. In 2019 the rights to broadcast in Russia and CIS countries belong to the company «Mediatelekom» — a joint venture of Rostelecom and National media group (NMG). The contract is for three years.

You will have time to see the fight in the United States

USA is the largest market of mixed martial arts. According to the report, Moody’s Investor Services and Global Rating Report, which was submitted in may 2019, last year the revenue the UFC has made $600 million major source of income is sponsorship deals with manufacturers of clothing, cars, alcohol and of course PPV.

Time difference between Washington DC and Abu Dhabi is swoimi hours. Magomedov believes that this will not be a problem for the us audience. He cited as an example of the UFC in Australia in mid-August is the time difference between Canberra and Washington is 14 hours.

«Fight Habib will take place towards the evening local time. The Australian tournament did a good job, and then over time was even more inconvenient for PPV,» said Magomedov.

Earlier edition Sport24 reportedthat Nurmagomedov remained two fight contract with the UFC. However, Magomedov denied it. «Information sucked from the finger. We are all a little different,» he said.

Whether the attack Conor Habib

In April 2018, before the battle of Brooklyn McGregor along with his team attacked the bus, which was Nurmagomedov with the staff. The Irish athlete has thrown in the bus a shopping cart and broke the window. Ultimately, the court in new York sentenced McGregor to five days of community service and courses of self-control.

The scandal ended the fight in Las Vegas. Immediately after the end of the fight Nurmagomedov left the octagon (the ring) and got involved in a brawl with a training partner of McGregor Dillon Denis. The participants of the fight were detained, and the fee of the Russians in the battle frozen. In January, the Nevada Athletic Commission Nurmagomedov was disqualified for nine months and fined him $500 thousand.

UFC President Dan white in July announced that McGregor can take part in one of the fights of the tournament in Abu Dhabi on the same day when scheduled to fight Habib.

The team Nurmagomedov admit that McGregor can once again provoke a scandal like the one that happened before the previous battle. «In General, you can expect just about anything. We do not rule it out, but this is not even thought of. This is not Ireland and not America. There is not a ride such jokes,» said Magomedov.

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