Oleg Kononov before the Europa League match called «Braga» strong fighter

Oleg Kononov before the Europa League match called «Braga» strong fighter

«Spartak» will play against Braga in the round of the playoffs of qualification of League of Europe. The first meeting will take place on August 22 in Portugal, and the return on August 29 in Russia

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The head coach Moscow «Spartaka» Oleg Kononov at a press conference before the match of the round playoffs of the qualifying stage of the Europa League against Braga has called on the opponent is a strong fighter. About it reports TASS.

«The composition of Braga is even a team that consists of experienced players who are over 30. The team likes to hold the ball, loves a positional attack,» — said Kononov.

In the matches against Braga will not be able to play two new «Spartacus» — the Dutch midfielder Gus Teal and Swedish striker Jordan Larsson. Both played in the Europa League for other teams. Kononov had no problems without them on the field.

«Don’t see the problem that some players can’t take part in the Europa League matches, since most of the players we have played. Teal and recently Larsson in the team,» said coach of «Spartak».

The coach of Braga Ricardo Sa Pinto said at a press conference that would be a tough match for both teams. According to him, in «Spartacus» playing quality players with sufficient international experience.

Previously the owner of «Spartak» Leonid Fedun in interview to «Sport-Express» said about the particular importance for the team’s upcoming matches against Braga. Exit in the group stage he called the fundamental.

«At stake are €10-12 million who earn, if you reach the playoffs. We will strive towards this. Succeed or not, is another question,» said Fedun.

The first match against Braga Spartak will play on the road Thursday, August 22. The return leg will be held on 29 Aug to «Open the Arena».

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