«Dynamo» has begun negotiations with the hockey player of «Washington» and national team of Czech Republic

«Dynamo» has begun negotiations with the hockey player of «Washington» and national team of Czech Republic

Dmitry Yashkin — the participant of two world Championships and world Cup in the NHL for the «St. Louis» and «Washington» he spent more than 300 matches. An attacker can sign a contract with «Dynamo» to the CHL championship, which kicks off September 1

Photo: Lubos Pavlicek/CTK

The Moscow club of the Continental hockey League (KHL) «Dynamo» has begun negotiations about signing a contract with the striker of the national team of Czech Republic Dmitry Yashkin. About this RBC reported a source close to the player and confirmed by a source familiar with the dialogue.

On Wednesday, the «Dynamo» bought the rights to yashkina, which belonged to the Novosibirsk «Siberia». The club has selected striker in the draft 2010 under the first number. Last season the 26-year-old hockey player spent in the club of the National hockey League (NHL) «Washington», played 37 games, scoring two goals and making six assists. A proposal for a new contract Yashkin is not received.

«Negotiations are going on, the contract can be signed before the start of the KHL season,» said one person familiar with the conversation source. The season starts on the 1st of September. «In favor of «Dynamo» says that the club has Dmitry’s father Alex, he is one of the administrative posts,» said a source close to the player.

General Manager of «Dynamo» Viktor Merkulov told RBC that is not yet ready to comment on a possible agreement with Yashkin. Answering the question of why the Dynamo have acquired the rights to the hockey player, he said: «In the future».

Now Dynamo has three foreigners — defender Juuso Hietanen, forwards Andre Petersson and Miks indrasis. Only the application season can be six foreign players in the squad for a match or five.

Father Alexei Yashkin — last defender of the resurrection «Chemist» in 1993, he left to play in the Czech Republic. Dmitry started his career in this country, and in 2012 went overseas. In the NHL he played for the «St. Louis» and «Washington» (303 match, 27 goals, 42 passes in regular season, 14 games, two goals, two assists in the playoffs).

The forward party of the world Cup and two world Championships in the Czech Republic (21 games, six goals and five assists).

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