CDC RFU disqualified insulted the judge of the Zenit coach Semak

CDC RFU disqualified insulted the judge of the Zenit coach Semak

The control and disciplinary Committee of the Russian football Union (CDC RFU) has decided to disqualify the head coach Petersburg «Zenith» Sergei Semak for two matches of the Russian Premier League (RPL)

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Head coach of «Zenith» Sergei Semak CDC RFU suspended for one game and one game suspended sentence for insulting the referees of the match of the sixth round of the Premier League with the Grozny «Ahmad» (0:0), reports the words of the head of the CDC Arthur Grigoryants Sport24.

After the game one of the coaches of «Zenit», William de Oliveira, came to the judging panel Alexei Matyunina. After some time, they were approached by Semak and has pushed de Oliveira shouting: «it is Not necessary with these goats to talk.» Later, the technician apologized for his words.

The reaction of the coaching staff was linked to the controversial work of the officiating Board Matyunina, twice abolish the goals of the home team.

The FTC in addition to disqualification for abusive behavior Semak was fined for 100 thousand rubles, «Sergei Bogdanovich was personally present at the CDC meeting for this episode. He tried several times to personally call Matunina to apologize, he passed through the hull. Apologies were accepted,» said Grigoryants.

Also KDK RFU fined «Zenith» on 100 thousand rubles for the failure to provide security, another 300 thousand rbl. — for misconduct of fans, and punish the club for one match without spectators probation.

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