Singing breast: Topless music, a group of second half of XX century

Singing breast: Topless music, a group of second half of XX century

Women sing on stage Topless. I think this idea is so simple and so brilliant for a mass audience that is surprising — why no one is producing such groups on an industrial scale? But history shows that the fate of such girls bands is not always as simple as it seems at first glance.

The Ladybirds (USA, 1968)

The Ladybirds («ladybugs») — female band of the 1960-ies from new Jersey. Participants were a nice, and frankly did not know how to sing and the major popularity along with incredible conviction he received for what appeared on the stages of night clubs Topless.




In the hometown of each occurrence of the group created quite a stir, so when the level of condemnation exceeded the level of male approval, «ladybugs» were moved to Las Vegas. There are ladies still did not recognize covered the chest and he performed at «Aladdin» with comedian Godfrey Cambridge. Sometimes The Ladybirds appeared on the stage of the club «Blue rabbit» in Hollywood and at the club «Tipsy» in San Francisco.

While the girls created their own mixed reputation as «the first and the only Topless women’s group», they did not hesitate to play under a soundtrack (in the end, it is unlikely that the audience came to hear their marvellous voices). However, the strip-singers still had to learn how to sing for real after a few incidents with jammed film during the concert.





After the promotion group came from Voss Boreta and Pro golfer Raymond Floyd, The Ladybirds began to give concerts throughout the United States and Canada. In 1968, the girls sang at the Crystal Room in new York, in the clubs of Vancouver, and Quebec. And of course, every time their performances have caused a stir. Police repeatedly arrested participants of the group for their half-naked performances.

The participants themselves were in awe of their work. Guitarist of the group Marcel Mitchell compared the performances of Topless with incredible freedom. The woman worked for a textile firm, «until after I found out how great playing guitar with a naked torso». Keyboardist Debbie Diane sincerely believed that when you’re in love, the whole world lives like Topless.


The group has gained wide popularity in the media — many Newspapers were taken from the participants of the interviews and did a news note about the performances. Of course, reviews were not always positive, but this did not prevent the audience to watch the «singing women’s Breasts».


In 1968 in Toronto all went well, but it was not always so. For example, in 1967, «the ladybirds» closed access to the scene of Las Vegas by order of the head of the musical community of the city. After a relatively rapid surge of interest in the Topless group, he also quickly faded. In fact, from The Ladybirds nothing but photos of the girls are not made any Studio recordings. The only thing that serves as a reminder of this extravagant girls band — a piece of video from their concert at the Hollywood club «the Blue rabbit», which was later used in the movie «Wild, wild world of Jayne Mansfield».

The Hummingbirds (USA, 60 years)

Frankly, with the «ladybugs» in the USA in the 60-ies was made by another Topless women’s group, The Hummingbirds («Hummingbird»). The band was formed in the same time as The Ladybirds to replace them in the club «Tipsy» during the tour. The highlight of the group was Angela Walker, known in San Francisco for its burlesque shows. As a rule, the girl acted under the stage name Satan’s angel.

«Hummingbird» lasted even less than the band the Ladybirds. Very often they had to give eight 45-minute shows a night and work seven days a week. Despite such a schedule, the girls were paid very little, and soon the angel left the group to return to burlesque.

The Ladybirds (Denmark, 70 years)

The Danish group joined and was produced by Pierre Beauvais (founder of The Strangers). As the first such group, the girls called themselves The Ladybirds, and very often on stage, they were announced as a «Musical show The Ladybirds». In July 1968 the group visited the Norwegian city of Bergen and 29 gave two short concert in the Star hall. After their hot performances by local newspaper Dagbladet broke the two-lane article with a detailed description not so much a concert, how many of the participants themselves group.




In September of the same year the Danish «ladybugs» twice addressed the opening act for the Yardbirds during their Scandinavian tour. Later The Yardbirds change their name to Led Zeppelin.






In the next few years The Ladybirds have gained wide popularity in Scandinavia and throughout Europe. The girls were in Copenhagen, Munich, Berlin, Dortmund, and in several cities in the Netherlands. A couple of times ladies have graced by residents prudish England, causing a huge stir in the media. Mostly Danish beauty has performed in stadiums before sporting events. The band lasted about 10 years.

A few lesser-known girls band for dessert



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