«Sex» in an aluminum cover: photo book, Madonna has made the embodiment of sin

«Sex» in an aluminum cover: photo book, Madonna has made the embodiment of sin

Today, August 16, marks the birthday of one of the most legendary and controversial singers of our time – Madonna. She is 60 years old, 35 the ageless singer has been at the forefront of global pop culture. In honor of this date, we offer you to «look through» the legendary photo book Sex with a perverted pop Queen as the main character.

There are publications that many would like to purchase, but no new copies, and existing copies, no one will agree to sell for any price. One of these tomes — the book-album called Sex. 128 pages of sexual fantasies of the Madonna in the image of Ms. Dita. The book, published October 21, 1992, shortly before the release of the album Erotica, was a resounding commercial success and topped the list of bestsellers according to the New York Times. Despite the fact that resented even some fans of Madonna. Way too open photos revealed themes of homosexual love and sadomasochism. However, nothing from the infamous Maisel photographer Steven (Steven Meisel) can be expected.

Caution! The material presented in the collection intended for people over 18 years old.

In addition to Madonna, for Maisela posed supermodel Naomi Campbell, gay porn star Joey Stefano, actor Udo Kier, rappers big daddy Kane and vanilla ice. But the Central character was, of course, the singer. After the book journalists would put an end to her career, calling Madonna the sex maniac and the embodiment of sin.

Pop diva parried the attacks: «the Objective of my work is to teach people not to be ashamed of themselves, their bodies, their appearance, their desires and sexual fantasies. It is fear that is the cause of bigotry, sexism, and racism, and homophobia».

The text in the book is devoted to a secondary role. But it is not confined to the captions under photos, and is completely independent meaning. The narrative consists of several independent parts, but as the Preface was used verse from the song Erotica, which ends with this phrase: «I’ll teach you how to fuck» («I’ll teach you to fuck»).

The design of the book perfectly. A plastic bag, which was Packed edition resembled the packaging of the condom. Cover — aluminum panel with engraved name and an individual number on the back. The text is printed in various fanciful fonts, and some of the pages resemble the manuscript.

Lucy O’brien in her book Madonna wrote: «the Book, «Sex,» Madonna has unveiled the back side of the Hollywood dream. How many people want to become movie stars came to Los Angeles for fame and ended filming in the peripheral porn».

About the book at the time, spoke and Donald trump, broadcasting the talk shows. It was disappointing the naked body Madonna: «Not really. I don’t think you will hit it. If Madonna was in this room, she would have been here the least attractive woman.»

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