Selling love in time of war: found rare pictures of British fighters in the French brothels of the First world

Selling love in time of war: found rare pictures of British fighters in the French brothels of the First world

These images digitized from negatives which once belonged to Lieutenant William Noel Morgan (William Noel Morgan). His descendants accidentally found them 70 years after the First World war. As it turned out, the Lieutenant took pictures not only of innocent life in the army, but «strawberry». Want to know what was love in time of war a hundred years ago?

The family of William stumbled upon photography quite by accident: his granddaughter Fran Gluck (Gluck Fran) found film hidden in an old box from-under cookies. Husband Fran and Joe became interested in the negatives, and later decided to digitize them. As expected, most of the photos were army comrades William.

In the photo — half-naked French prostitute from a brothel.

In addition to the old pictures were lost the love of William is a young French woman to marry he forbade his family. But dozens of other shots captured colleagues of Lieutenant in the French brothels of the First world war.

Lieutenant Morgan himself. That this shot was taken in the brothel to indicate the risque pictures on the walls.

Most likely this is the only surviving photos taken in a French brothel, which in those days was reserved for British officers.

In fact, the story of these women were never given publicity. But they gave the military the last spark of love and warmth before they went to die in the trenches of WWI.

One corporal recalls in the brothels in those days was an incredible rush, and the military were literally lined up. Many young soldiers lost their virginity because of corrupt love.

Turns into a brothel was not something extraordinary. So, for example, shortly before one of the major offensives at the front before one of the brothels a crowd of 300 soldiers.

Most of the brothels were divided into classes: «blue lamp» — for the officers, «the red lamp» — for the ordinary.

According to one statistical report, in just one year the street in the French Le Havre, where there was a public house, called for 171 thousand the British military.

Feature film «War whores» sheds light on the events of those times and tells the story of women designed to support the morale of soldiers on the Western front.

This kind of sexy postcards was very popular among British officers in 1916.

During the First world war in the field of selling love worked for thousands of women. Part of them worked illegally, and some in the many legal brothels in the North of France. The so-called maisons tolérées appeared in the mid-nineteenth century, but in the First world flourished.

Women in the legal brothels regularly pass medical examinations, but even so venereal disease was then rare. In 1916, one of five British military appeals to physicians was associated with sexually transmitted diseases. During the war in the French brothels of the «evil disease» has infected more than 150 thousand Britons. Someone of the soldiers had even hoped to sexually transmitted diseases, to spend a month in the hospital, away from the horrors of war.

Lieutenant Morgan was hiding the negatives, because the officers were not allowed to advertise trips to the brothel. Evidence from the girls there, as most of them were illiterate.

Joe Glock, husband of a granddaughter of Lieutenant, commented on the publication of pictures:

«I see no reason why we should not publish these photos. They show another side of war that should be remembered.»

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