The second largest city in Croatia, Split was built on the site of the ancient Roman colony of the Salon, the ruins of which still can be seen on the North-West of the city. It is believed that in the Cabin he was born Roman Emperor Diocletian who built later in the city the Grand Palace.

Founded: approx. 3rd century
Area: 63 km2
Population: 178 102 people (2010)
Currency: Croatian Kuna
Language: Croatian
Flight time:
from Moscow — from 5 hours and 45 minutes (1-3 transplant)
from Saint Petersburg — from 6 hours 5 mins (1-3 transplant)
from Kazan is 8 hours and 50 minutes (1-2 change)
from Yekaterinburg — 11 hours 10 min. (1-3 transplant)
from Novosibirsk — from 11 hours 55 mins (2 changes)
Current time in split:


(UTC +1)

Exchange rate: HRK = 9.43RUB

Bizarre intertwining of architectural styles and historical eras have created a unique image of the city. But today the Split is also a popular resort with modern infrastructure, as well as a busy port, the gateway to the amazing surrounding Islands of brač, Vis, Hvar and the national Park — the Kornati Islands.


How to get

From late April to mid-October, many Russian airlines organize Charter flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Split about once a week. Also Charter flights to Split rise from Yekaterinburg and other major Russian cities. From Kiev and Minsk in summer also fly Charter flights to split.

In addition, a number of airlines offer flights to split with a stopover in European cities.

«Austrian Airlines» — in Vienna from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Krasnodar and Rostov-on-don.

«Lufthansa» — via Frankfurt from Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Samara and Nizhny Novgorod.


Climate and weather in split

Weather forecast

+24 … +29°C


s, 3 m/s

+26 … +27°C


se, 9 m/s

+24 … +26°C


se, 11 m/s

+25 … +28°C


s, 2 m/s

+26 … +29°C


NW, 4 m/s

+27 … +31°C


NW, 3 m/s

Weather in split for 10 and 14 days on the «Weather.Turister.Ru»

Weather in split by months

day, °C
by night, °C
water, °C
The number
precipitation, mm
January 10 5 15 82
February 11 5 15 68
March 13 7 15 75
April 17 10 15 65
May 22 15 18 56
June 26 18 21 50
July 29 21 24 28
August 29 21 26 50
September 25 18 25 60
October 20 14 22 78
November 14 9 20 108
December 11 6 17 99


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Split is the largest city in Dalmatia and the second largest city in Croatia after Zagreb. Dalmatia is divided into Northern, southern and middle part. Split is located in Central Dalmatia. Thanks to the favorable climate the holiday season here lasts from may to September, the region, and in particular the city of Split, is particularly popular among tourists. For this reason, transport is very developed in split.

The city is connected by bus with all major cities in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as many other cities in Europe. Moreover, it is well developed not only land transport but also sea, namely, the ferries from split regular lines to Rijeka, Dubrovnik, Islands brac, Solta, Korcula, Lastovo, etc., as well as in the Italian city of Venice, Ancona and Pescara. The passenger port in split is the third busiest in the entire Mediterranean.

Rail service in split is poorly developed, despite the fact that the city is the southernmost point of the national rail network. The movement of trains passes through 2 tunnels. The journey from split to Zagreb or Rijeka by train takes around 5 hours as the line is not electrified and has one track. Tickets for trains in split are cheaper than the buses, due to slower transportation. The convenience of a local railway in that it is located right in the city center and you can meet a lot of people with signs about the offer of an apartment for rent.

Fans to move on your own car can easily drive to any cities in the continental part of the country via the A1 motorway. Several rental car agencies. Of them the most famous Rent-a-car Split Nova (+385 98 983 69 50) and Car Hire Split (+385 91 3333548).

Split international airport is the second largest airport in the country and it serves all the coastal cities of Dalmatia. There are daily flights not only to the cities within the country but also in all the major cities of Europe: London, Amsterdam, Rome, Paris, Frankfurt , etc. In the tourist season here comes to 900 thousand and more passengers.

The most popular way of transport in split is bus. Bus station split is located in the city centre, right next to the Central harbour and the train station. Bus tickets are not cheap, but fast and comfortable journey is guaranteed. Almost all the buses in split are new, clean and modern. Some buses within the city charge you even for Luggage, about 0.5–1 Euro for 1 bag.

A single-ride ticket purchased at a kiosk costs 8 kunas ($1,3), and the driver is 10 kunas (us$1.6). Ticket 2 travel costs 16 kunas (us$2.7), 5 — 75 kunas (us$12.6) and travel for a month — 260 Kuna ($43.7 per). Tickets need to be composted in a special yellow stamping machines on the bus or from the driver.

For lovers of beautiful scenery and protecting the nature of available bikes. 1 hour trip on not new, but a reasonable bike costs 15 kunas (us$2.5). The advantage of bikes is that they can go along the beautiful coast of split to the nearby villages and small towns. And also you can climb to the top of the hills, offering beautiful views of the city and the sea. Another convenience of the Bicycle is that it can be taken even on the ferry.

Tips on transport


Pictures Of Split

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What to see in split

Inside Diocletian’s Palace

Interesting places and sights of split and the surrounding area:

In addition to the above attractions in split can be viewed as the town Hall of the XV century on people’s square with the Ethnographic Museum inside the monument to Bishop Ninski by Ivan Meštrović at the North entrance to Diocletians Palace and the ruins of the Roman settlement of the area, including a large amphitheatre, the remains of temples, palaces, villas. If you have enough descriptions and pictures — check out «reviews on the attractions of Croatia» — there you will find enough useful and comprehensive information.


Where to go in split

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Diocletian’s Palace — one of the main attractions of the city, including in the world heritage list…

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The split city Museum is located on three floors of a historic building of the former Roman Palace Papalić Palace. Exhibits…

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The archaeological Museum houses an extensive collection of exhibits covering the history of the Paleolithic and Neolithic, Greco-Roman…

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Art gallery Meštrović was founded in the early XX century by a famous Croatian artist and sculptor…

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Split is one of the resorts in Croatia, where you can enjoy the ancient buildings. Once the Roman…

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The city of Split in Croatia — a beautiful resort town. In ancient times it was liked by the Romans,…

All the sights of split

Interesting places in split

Museums and galleries

Where to eat and drink


Parks and recreation


Shops and markets


Private guides in split

More detailed split will help you to see Russian private guides.
The project Experts.Turister.Ru was registered 3 Russian tour guide in split.

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In a city like Split with a population of around 220 thousand people there is always a lot of options for shopping. In split there are three large shopping center where you can find almost everything a modern human needs.

In the first place is «Mercator«, the center belonging to the network of the largest supermarkets in the country. It is located 5 km outside the city, towards the airport and Trogir. There buses run directly from center of split. The Foundation center is the supermarket Mercator with all the necessary food, and about 20 small shops, sports, clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, etc.

The next big center is «Joker center«. This is the newest and most prestigious center in split, which was opened in 2007. Locals love to come here. Joker is a 15-20 min. walk from the city centre. Almost near the center of the bus stop. In Joker the centre over 50 shops located on 4 floors. Shops include many well-known network brands such as Deichmann, DM, Hervis etc. Here you can find almost everything and the only McDonald’s downtown is located on the lower floor that is Joker center. Here you can also find a large modern cinema, a swimming pool and fashionable restaurant with a bar on the top floor.

Another shopping center, «Emmezeta«, is not exactly in the split, and Castel Sućurac, which is just along the old road from split to Trogir. Distance from the centre of the city Mall 7-8 km But to reach it easy as there are direct buses directly to the center. Here is from 40 to 50 stores, including large furniture store and the largest supermarket food in split — Ipercoop. In the center Emmezeta there are many well-known European brands, among them Benetton, DM, etc., as well as many sports shops, footwear, accessories, restaurants and cafes.

All 3 centers have free Parking.

To experience the flavor of the country and particularly the city of Split, not necessarily to go to modern centers, but rather to look at the local markets.

In almost all parts of the city there is a small market with fresh vegetables and fruits, but for tourists the most interesting market is the «Stari Pazar» or green Market. It is situated between the Diocletian Palace and the main bus station. Here you can buy not only fresh produce but also local cheeses, olive oil, Croatian wines, brandy, and on the street near the market there are lots of little souvenir shops, cheap things, bags, sunglasses, and other accessories. Stari Pazar is open from 6.30 am until late evening.

Another notable market in the city is «Peskarija» or fish Market — fish market. You can always find fresh fish and seafood delicacies. For the residents of split visit Peskarija is a regular ritual. The fish market located in the square next to the Marmontova street. It is open from 6.30 am to 2 PM. Just after noon the price of all the fish in half reduced. On the market you can find men with sharp knives, a 10 kun will clean the fish You bought, unless you want to mess with it themselves.

Split conventionally divided into old and new parts. Shopping is better in Old town. Here a long string of small shops with Souvenirs, cheap clothes and shoes, jewelry and accessories.

Main street from international network stores this Marmontova street, which stretches hundreds of meters from the Old town. Here and the famous Benetton, and Zara, where prices are almost identical to ours.

In stores with local products can be easily traded. Products such as Croatian alcohol, olive oil, fresh vegetables and fruits, shoes and even some jewelry are comparatively cheap. If You forgot to bring a bathing suit and Slippers for the swimming, then these items you can buy cheaply on the street for the green Market.


Food and drinks

Cafes in split old town

The most famous local specialties is «Copernic» (a kind of vegetable pie) and «Dalmatian pršut» (valino-smoked ham). «Copernic» especially delicious local olive oil and garlic, and «Dalmatian prosciutto» served with local wines.

Generally, the cuisine of the Dalmatian coast is strongly influenced by Italian cuisine, in connection with which there is a large selection of risottos, pastas with signature sauces, pizza, and seafood. Locals especially love the so-called «black risotto» with shrimp in garlic sauce and black squid.

Cheese is recommended to sample cheese from the island of Pag in combination with a Croatian wine or beer. Another dish that you should pay attention to when visiting Split this beef stew with gnocchi (pašticada s njokama or gnocchi).

Almost all restaurants in split offer visitors typical local dishes: fresh fish on the grill, stews, homemade pasta, variety of pizzas. Lovers of sushi and rolls are unlikely to find what they are looking for. Despite the fact that the menu is not very varied, the quality of the food served is either good or excellent.

Prices in the restaurants of split the middle. So a hearty meal with 2 or more dishes and a glass of wine can cost 20-25 euros and if you order fish, it is much more expensive.

Popular restaurants in the centre of split

  • Dining in split, on the waterfront

    Nostromo — located near the Fish market, serves the best dishes of the freshest seafood in the city. High-end restaurant in the style casual.

  • Sperun — citizens and tourists come here for the delicious pasta and spicy seafood.
  • Makrovega — truly-a vegetarian restaurant in split. The only drawback is the restaurant closes very early.
  • Restaurant Sumica is located East of the center and near the coast. It serves tasty seafood, excellent pasta and some Croatian dishes. The restaurant is secluded on the terrace in the shade of pine trees.
  • Restoran Boban — is located East of the center. Specializiruetsya in traditional Croatian cuisine, Istrian truffles and Dalmatian meat (fish) on the grill.
  • Panchos is a restaurant with Mexican food. Very cozy and friendly place, a little small.
  • Pizzeria Bakra is one of the best pizzerias in the city, where pizza is baked on the stove. The prices are more than reasonable, so the restaurant is always Packed with locals.

A special place in Croatian cuisine are the drinks. It is no secret that there is a large variety of wines, however, when visiting Split, be sure to try a soft drink called a Pipi and Orela.


Communication in split

In such a big city like Split, you can find almost anything you want and the Internet connection is no exception.

Travelers who value free access to the network will find everything you need in the Old town. Here are several Internet cafes.

  • Internet club Net Com (St. Grgur Ninskog,9). There is an Internet access, and the ability to make international calls.

  • Smokvina Travel (the master of St. George, 3).

Several Internet cafes located near the Harbor North of the train station. One of them is internet DenCall-Split. Here you can not only get online but also to print documents, scan, throw a photo from the camera to the flash drive, to buy international phone cards, bike hire and even to store the Luggage.

Free wifi hotspot is near outlet shop Lacoste at the people’s Square and the nearest youth hostels. One of the most convenient locations use free Internet in split airport, which also extends Wi-Fi zone.

In order to call home, you can use roaming in their cell phones, because many of the major Russian operators it provides. However, calls are not cheap, and even members will be paid.

Therefore, it is better to buy a local SIM card from the operators Body-2 or Tomato for example, or in advance to stock up on tourist cards Goodline/Simtravel, calls which are several times cheaper.

You can also call from payphones in the streets of split. Then you need to purchase a special international cards or tokens which are sold at newsstands and post offices.

Grimson — simkarty and innovative breakthrough in the world of communication. The uniqueness of Sims lies in its lack of belonging to a particular operator and, consequently, lower the cost of communication: Dimsim working in 197 countries and automatically connects to local operators.
No more need to look for the best roaming or buy a SIM card in each new country, as Dimsim ready for operation immediately after switching Your mobile phone from aviarium usual. In addition to smartphone universal SIM card adapted to tablets and routers.

To monitor and replenish the balance by using free mobile applications both in manual and in automatic mode.
No need to splurge on the service packages and monthly fee, as the money will be debited from the account only for the second conversation and the used megabytes.
Jimsim is a stable Internet access, cheap calls, transparent billing and rates, a little different from the local link cost. All this allows you to chat with friends, share photos, build trails, and learn a lot of useful information about the country without fear to spend all the money on roaming charges.

To buy a SIM card


Where to stay in split

Company offers for booking more than 5030 split hotels.
You can choose a hotel using a variety of filters: the star hotel, type of hotel (hotel, apartment, Villa, hostel, etc.), cost, location, scores of people visited the hotel, the presence of Wi-Fi and more. Go to service selection and booking accommodation in split.

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