Football club «Ahmad» refuses to sell beer at the stadium

Football club «Ahmad» refuses to sell beer at the stadium

In the case of adoption of a law allowing the sale of beer at stadiums, football club «Ahmad» will refuse from the sale of drink in the stadium. To object to the sale of beer in other arenas of Russia in the «Ahmad» is not going


At the home stadium of football club «Ahmad» alcohol will not be sold. About it RBC said the Deputy Plenipotentiary representative of the Chechen Republic under the President and Vice-President of football club «Ahmad» Ahmad Aydemirov.

In July, the state Duma was introduced a billthat would allow the sale of beer at stadiums. In the explanatory note to it, the authors — state Duma deputies Igor Lebedev and Dmitry Svishchev reminded that beer is an important attribute of football, and it will bring serious money.

«We have the stadium, the beer will not be sold, as other clubs have to decide for yourself,» said Aydemirov.

To Express dissatisfaction with the sale of beer at other stadiums in the country that the Republic will not. «As for us, on stage we will not allow the sale of beer. This is the club position on this issue», — said Aydemirov.

The football community is not the first year raises questions about the need for the sale of beer in Russian stadiums. The ban was introduced in 2005. As an exception to the ban was canceled because of a need to perform terms of the contract with FIFA, the Russian government allowed the sale of drink at the confederations Cup 2017 and then for the 2018 world Cup.

The domestic football leadership in the person of the President of the Russian football Union (RFU) Alexander Dyukov and the head of the Russian Premier League Sergey Pryadkin has repeatedly spoken out for allowing the sale of beer at stadiums.

In may, Dyukov saidthat the RFU and the football clubs see no problem in resolving the sale and advertising of beer. Pryadkin also stressedthat the sale of beer in stadiums is not only his desire, but clubs and fans.

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