June 14 — day of the worker migration service | news of the labor market

Today, June 14, 2019, is the professional holiday of employees of the migration service.

In 1992 the President of Russia has created the Federal migration service (FMS). In 1999, it reformed into the Ministry of Affairs of Federation, national and migration policy of the Russian Federation.

4 Jun 2007 the Russian President signed decree No. 701 on establishment of professional holiday — Day of the worker migration service.

5 APR 2016 of the Federal migration service was abolished and the powers transferred to the General Directorate of migration of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation (GOWM MIA).

GUVM of the MIA of Russia is now engaged in migration issues, carries out control, supervision and provides services for migration, prevent illegal migration into the country. Head is the Minister of internal Affairs of Russia.

The occasion of the Professional holiday Day of the worker migration service GUVM of the interior Ministry Migration service

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